Tory councillor forced to resign...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Race row as Tory town tells Gove super-head: We don't want your inner-city pupils here | Mail Online

    Tory councillor commits cardinal sin and mentions concerns directly related to ethnicity of pupils. He said many of the pupils would be black and Asian - if the Asians were Chinese or Indian then they would rise to the top, whereas if they were Pakistani they would not.

    In my opinion he was voicing concerns that he was elected to do. If his electorate disagreed with him then they'd soon be able to vote with their feet. I think he had some valid concerns and the establishment should stop enforcing an 'ignore the elephant in the room' policy.
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  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    just take a leaf from mps - resign then get re-elected straight away.
  3. I suppose he will have a future as an independant.
  4. He's won with a 74% majority, he should just stick it out.

    Someone has to stand up to the weasels who get offended at absolutely everything and cost people their jobs simply because they've said something "offensive" or taboo.
  5. I wouldn't want those little shits anywhere near where I lived. This whole idea is nonsense, if they were interested in making a success of their lives then they can work hard where they already are. Most tend to be too busy stabbing each other over respect, innit.

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  6. All of this stereotyping of certain ethnic groups. No wonder they don't excel in education, so many cousins to marry and sisters to honour kill.
    To be honest, speaking to a couple of teacher friends of mine alot of the time it depends (like with other, less dusky families) upon the parents. Some of the best kids come from families where the parents are proper old school, discipline is instilled and teachers respected. Strangely (or perhaps not) many of the hardest working are the most recent immigrants - my friends wife told me of one kid who is thick as a whale omlette yet is consistantly in the top couple of kids in class through sheer hard bloody work.
    However despite her teaching college credentials and Gruniad reading habits she also relates that certain families that have been here for multiple generations are a waste of her time and effort. They have bought into the welfare culture and are lazy with the kids reflecting this (I am paraphrasing, with alot of her swearing removed - from such a soft mouthed lass as her, a real indication of her depth of feeling). When an 8 year old kid has "Paki Power" on his exercise book then things are bad.
  7. "Keep the kids away from drugs and knife crime" - Really? It will be the same kids in the school, wherever it is situated, and they'll be back "in the 'hood" on weekends and holidays anyway. What a stupid idea.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    on the flip side you cant force aspiration on a child.
  9. Pointless racism storm in a soft southern tea cup really....i mean, if the Brixton boarders were to tip up in County Durham, or North Yorkshire, the chromosonally challenged native savages would just eat them!
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  10. If one of the reasons given is to keep children safe from "from drugs and knife crime" would it not be better to police the areas where these children come from more effectively and eliminate drugs and knife crime or have police and politicians given up on parts of inner London?
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  11. It's hard to do in a society swept clean of suitable role models, I mean, "work hard at school and you can be as unpopular an expenses fiddler as is the chancellor" or "do your homework or you'll never fiddle little kids like....(Insert BBC personality of your choice here)." Well they don't ring right somehow!
  12. If he didn't make up the statistics then he is stating valid concerns. If he said that white teenaged girls were more prone to underage pregnancy would there be an outcry? To do what's best for individual groups you need to know their strengths and weaknesses and if you can't cater adequately for their needs then that should be made clear, it's not racism to try to do the best for individual groups, it's common sense. **** sake, admitting that certain demographics may not thrive in your area is surely doing what you can rather than inciting hatred?

    Typical Wail story.
  13. I suspect that it is indeed the case, funding and manpower cuts coupled with enforced targets, paperwork and the ever present threat of being called a racist have blunted the polices effectivness in these areas. The same politions are the ones who complain about the lack of affective policing one minute whilst calling the police instatutionally racist next.
    Imagine the outcry from the insurance industry if the police were sent in to sort out these areas, how many private personal injury claims (like that fat ginger trout from Norfolk) would be flying about!
  14. Nimby!!!
  15. One of those things, if one aspires to be a politician, one has to politic.

    There he failed.