Tory concillor resigns because she used to be IRA gun-runner

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Murphy_Slaw, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Talk about political U-turns...this one takes some beating.


    She apparantly had an IRA contract out on her, but they never it carried out.
    Maybe she was more use to them as a Tory councillor!
  2. I was going to post this earlier - she has lived in UK since the '70s, and PIRA aren't stupid so why is she being outed now? All of a sudden, bad news stories about the Government in general, and Liarbour politicians in particular, have vanished to be replaced by derogatory stories about the Conservatives (there was another today about a Tory politician being sued - something about a charity).

    Call me cynical or paranoid if you wish, but this all seems to coincide with a certain dynamic duo reappearing in Downing Street - and I don't believe in coincidences.
  3. I DID post it earlier.

    Apparently she was outed by a Tory activist.
  4. Interesting to see my thread was holed - I presume this will end up the same way?
  5. I believe the council is SLOUGH.

    Some dodgy deallings there at the moment acording to the newspope.

    Would this be a Cameron/conspermative clean up ready for 2010.

    Hey, i can hope cant I???
  6. my bold

    everything about Slough is dodgy. It's one of those places where you feel that its a good idea to have eyes in the back of your head

    edit: mong spelling
  7. My understanding is that she was once associated with PIRA activities; shocked & sickened by the bombing of civilian targets, she renounced her membership in 1972, left the Province ( a life or death necessity, I imagine! ), and subsequently built herself a new life/ identity in England. Unless it can be shown that she has done anything other than be a law abiding citizen during the past 36 years I can see no reason why this "outing" should be a resigning matter. Good God, there are now people in government in the Province who did a hell of a lot more than get caught up in the early years of the Troubles due to youthful naivety & outrage, and have never once expressed any sincere regrets about the slaughter/ mayhem visited on others by their hands.
  8. What color is the conservative councillor???

    seeing as slough now has an 80% colored population they have a long list of "Gravy train snotters" lined up?
  9. Welcome to the real world.

    At least the one that liabor/mugabe/armydinnerjacket has planned for the future UK.
  10. Oh, I'm not in the slightest surprised by this, nor outraged - more just vaguely disappointed that the canting hypocrites elected to govern have yet again fallen below even my low expectations of them.
  11. They do say you get more right wing as you get older.
  12. Oh and dont you just love the amount of immigrants pushed to slough.

    YOU know, that little town within shooting distance of eaton and windsor castle>>>>>>
  13. And dont forget this female developed a "concience" whilst taking ira sausage meat.

    So as a councillor how quick would she leak info of "PROBLEMS" with the immigration/arab gang/ etc to the general public.????
  14. I take it that wessex never lost any mates, or had to sweep up the blood and other muck after a bombing. there is no such thing as an exterr. thr only good terrorrist is a dead one.
  15. DID you even read the article or watch the BBC report on this...

    CROYDON :roll: not slough so we cant drag non British bad pure British good :roll: into the fray also while she renounced the IRA she only got round to this after being involved in procurement of arms and explosives sadly only after they had enjoyed there favourite tactic of indiscriminate bombing.

    I think the fact that she regardless of political party she represents that she failed to reveal her past activity's while seeking public office is the issue, and i have to say that we are not talking a few parking tickets here.

    She doubtless is regretting getting involved with a club that has Once in Never out, as a motto.

    I respect that she at least denouced PIRA. i certainly would not want her in public office with that sort of undisclosed past. One can say that young people make mistakes, should we let that taint there future, had she done some prison time for her action i would perhaps feel that she had paid some price for her actions, she didnt.

    I wonder if she donated the profits from her book to the familes of the maimed and killed?