Tory cap on number of visits to GP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Cap on number of GP visits being considered by Tories - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent

    Mmmmmmmm ? ATOS kicks a person off incapacity benefits. The person goes into the appeal waiting list. And is required then to submit a GP sick note every two months. That madness has just generated six unnecessary GP visits per year for tory imposed admin reasons only.

    First GP sick note

    "The patient has suffered a degenerative condition for many years."

    Second GP sick note

    "It is two months since last I was required to participate in this ATOS inspired madness. The patient still has a degenerative condition."

    Third GP sick note

    "Ditto my last"

    Fourth GP sick note

    "Ditto my last and now the patient is offering to survive on twenty quid a week less if only you will sack ATOS and leave this degenerative patient alone."
  2. It would be better if the GPs were fully protected from telling a patient:

    "There's nothing wrong with you, you bluffing hypochondriac ****, now **** off and don't darken my doors again".
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  3. That's good news if your well, bad news if your sick!
  4. It's all ok for the Etonian millionaire MPs who just pay for as many visits to the doc in Harley St isn't it? They don't give a flying f**k for us.
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  5. My ex mother in law was a GP botherer, she returned time and time again to waste his time on fictitious illness, if the **** had been honest with the old bat in the first place she would have been shamed into staying well clear of the GPs surgery
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  6. Yes it's terrible, the rich pay and pay again so you can get it for free. Heartless aren't they.
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  7. Aye, the rich are rich for a reason, they don't like wasting money so if your paying you will only go when you absolutely need to. Unlike the likes on my ex bint in law because it is free the ***** abuse it.
  8. 1. Cap being considered - ie it is not policy, just an idea.
    2. I saw this thread in the Last 50 list, and had a bet with myself that either AIR FILTER or BounceBanana had started it. I win!
    3. This proposal probably does not apply to Kent Police doctors.
  9. Kent Police will be the lead enforcement agency for this policy.
  10. Well that's one way of culling the population.
  11. It is a consultation document within Conservative party, i am guessing that if we saw/heard all the loony ideas of possible policy discussed behind closed doors, by any of the political parties we would probably become even more disgusted/dismayed with these odious individuals.

    That does not mean that the framework about limiting GP visits will not be voiced openly.

    Ah well the public will just make the journey to A & E, or die awaiting the latest NHS helpline to respond.

    Bring back the days of Matrons, hospital corners, starch collared nurses, god like consultants...............
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  12. Weren't government projections something along the lines of by 2020, 1 in 15 of the working age population would be on disability benefits? Is that sustainable. I see an awful lot of people signed off sick who quite frankly are fat, lazy knackers who seem to have taken a conscious decision to stay off work.
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  13. I agree, the ATOS assessment system is fundementally flawed.

    And here is how I would ammend it to ensure they get it right 100% of the time.

    All doleys in for assessment to spend 7 days at a residential assessment centre were their 'condition' can be observed and monitored 24 hiurs a day fir a week.

    I reckon probably 85% of the 'too sick to work' will have a Lourdes moment if that system was introduced.
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  14. As it doesn't involve the use of a captive bolt pistol, I must also agree.
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    there should be a book of GP vouchers issued to old people and a limit on prescriptions - besides the massive amount of waste and needlessly prescribed drugs they are supposed to be dying not being kept alive to drain the state coffers.

    when you finally get an appointment and they say come back in two weeks to have a check up you cant because the coffin dodgers have taken all the slots up for the next month because they've got nothing else to do and most of their problems are due to bad lifestyle choices.

    I reckon there should be a limit to GP access after which you automatically go into a care home run by dignitas.