Tortured Witch Child Relatives Found Guilty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. The judge has warned them to expect lengthy jail sentences, and bloody rightly so. Child trafficking (excuse the spelling) is not only apparently costing this country billions, but the money their deluded parents pay these gangs is astronomical. But apart from the finances involved, this case will probably be one of many that is currently carrying on under our noses. Specialist police teams have already estimated that around 300 african boys are missing from London schools registers alone. And still social and health services who were in position to do something did fcuk all - one official blaming 'poor light' for not noticing the cuts and bruises when examining the child! Jeeez :roll: With echoes from the Victoria Climbe case, you would have expect such people to be on their guard when evidence of abuse was glaringly obvious. Having once known one of the guilty abusers in that case - I suppose this has touched me emotionally more than some others.

    The article below only describes part of the treatment this poor girl received; I hope that the three who inflicted received the same if not worst care when they being their sentences. Make the ba$tards know how it feels.

    Link to article
  2. Never mind, Bob Geldof and Sting will have a concert and fix everything!
  3. How dare we nasty British jail these people's their culture :roll:
  4. The defendants, and according to some of the media the ubiquitous 'community leaders', claim that this sort of thing is all part of their culture. I am therefore wondering why the PC brigade have not demanded that not only must it be allowed to continue, but it should be celebrated - it goes without saying that it should be financed from our taxes. I do not understand why one is not allowed to criticise people whose religion involves stonings, amputations and beheadings, but those whose religion involves witchcraft are prosecuted.
  5. 'In our community' WTF?? Animals. Nothing more than animals. Its bad enough this kind of $hit happening in Africa, to 'recruit' for the rebel gangs. In England, regardless of culture or 'religion' (this evangelical pastor should be arrse-raped in jail too) people should behave like HUMAN BEINGS. You simply do not do this kind of thing to a child. Children have an innocence inherent, and it is a guardian's duty to protect that, whilst exposing them slowly to the Real World.
    These animals should be given as much as the feeble justice system can throw at them. (Luckily, as nonces, their real punishment in jail should begin as soon as they arrive.) "Kendoki can ruin your chances of staying in this country." That just about sums the fu$kers up, then, does'nt it?
  6. .........animals would not treat their young like this sarnian- that is the sad thing. These people behave worse than animals. The "pastor" should be jailed (or merely deported) for inciting people, who must have been very ignorant to follow his lead, to harm people in this way. The fact that many communities keep to themselves and do not engage in the British way of life (and no I don't mean drinking and fighting etc) makes it harder for police and social workers to deal with problems before it is too late
  7. Well, you can rest assured that they'll be needing more than their God when they go inside. They better have loads of 'spells' for the evil they are about to encounter when they take a shower. Even if they go on the numbers, they'll still be on the end of a bit of rough justice.

    Happy days.
  8. f****g savages.

    there was a time when we knew how to deal with people like these properly :evil: :x