Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DieHard, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. having read he rather entertaing thrae on execution how about some of your torture techniques you will never get to try like tying a peado to a chair dropping his trousers and holding a candle under his nuts as you slowly cook them then blowing a hot hairdryer in his ear to finish him off.
    The stage is all yours
  2. I allways liked the old King Edward do in special ! lonely castle red hot poker, bend over & take it without blubbing like a good un...
  3. That other thread, plus others surely already encompasses this?
  4. Reading shit and poorly spelt posts...

  5. That's an evening's entertainment for some on here :wink:
  6. I think I would start off with locking the Nonce in a pitch black cell for three months, being feed through a hatch and in complete silence. I would then introduce him to some mild beatings every hour on the hour by large men clad in black (with ski masks etc).

    Fast forward a week.
    The nonce will be dragged into a room and tied to a chair, in front of him will a table full of torture equipment, he will be left to ponder these for a few hours.
    I would then enter dressed as a doctor and tell him why he is tied to a chair, cos he is a dirty little nonce who will be tortured, but if he is good I will let him go.

    over the 6 months I will keep him locked in solitatry confinment, hourly beatings and the removal of fingers and toes.

    Once I have his toes and fingers (kept in a jar on the torture table) I would then start to remove his limbs until he is just a torso and a head. All this would take 4 months.

    I would then leave Stumpy the Nonce in an American prison, in the showers block so he is raped by any one who wants to. All in all it would take over a year. I want to break him, mind body and soul.
  7. how about shoving a hose up their arse threading razor wire up there and watch as they decide whether to pull it out quick or work it out slow
  8. I rather like the thought of water boarding some Supreme Court Judges and then seeking their collective learned opinion on whether or not it is torture or just cruel and unusual.
  9. Being locked in solitary confinement with absolutely NOTHING except a transcript of Sven's post.

    Soz Sven :wink:
  10. Having Nightraineds brain surgically implanted into my head............

    ie; I wouldnt have one
  11. Eyelids cut off.
  12. Man, there are some sick fcukers on this site!
  13. Ref. Saw and Hostel and any other film in the torture porn genre........
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    coathanger down the japs eye