Torture of Britons welcomed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. As I understand all dictators around the World are welcomed to torture Britons.,,1755288,00.html

  2. Doesn't having a leader like Bliar amount to torture?
  3. Pah, what would you know living in the Netherlands? :p

    I think the real torture is free speech which means we have to put up with resident russians, trolls, pentwyns and, worst of all... americans *shudder* on this forum :p
  4. BNP? Bunch of leftie, softie, foreigner loving homosexuals :p I'm off to set up my own political party based on "traditional values"

    Who's to say I wouldn't be THE 25% voting BNP? Turnout may be low and if I eat some more chocolate I can easily make up 25% of the electorate...

    Burn the commies, set flashy loose on the trolls and invade America to make the Empire great again :D

    editted to add that all views above are expressed in jest and are not the views of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, Her Majesty's Government, the really nice man that runs the cornershop at the end of my road or anyone that I know (well... apart from one...). I don't wanna be sued :cry:
  5. Fair one Crabby but thanks to the miracles of technology and half a brain that I borrowed, I'm aware of a Mister Bliar as he still pays my wages.

    Fair one yes Crabby but you should have been a Pioneer as you repeatedly dig yourself into holes and I'm not pulling you out of the next one!

    Are you one of the 25%? Dig your way out of that!
  6. Somebody got the Sunday Papers late this week.

    The political section of the News of the Screws has a lot to answer for.
    Or was it Gardener's World?
  7. Unfortunately not. I don't live in Barking, much to your disappointment. On the otherhand I've not made my mind up on who to vote in local elections this time round (may 4th?), so I'm a swing voter :)

    (can't bring myself to vote labour, tories no chance, the green one is a pain (does some good but after a guest lecture where he said the press should be controlled to only have articles promoting environmentalism (in more ambigous words)) and I would never vote UKIP/BNP. I may be voting liberal :?)
  8. Better a swing voter than a voting swinger, well maybe not.
  9. Being a wonderful journalist of the news of the screws that has fooled every single arrser for the last few months I can now inform you that I know everything ever about the British army :p

    For my next article I shall use this knowledge to call for military invasions of poorer countries, punishment for all happy slappers will include a 30minute session face to face with trolls. At the same time as supporting our boys I will be writing conspiracy theories, slagging deepcut, formenting tension between ruskies and the UK and calling all americans obese and self obsessed (every article has to have an element of truth :p)

    I fully support the torture of all people fatter and smellier than myself as long as the punishment fits the crime and those with the worst personal hygiene will be reeducated (squaddies just off exercise are excluded).

    Oh and all new powerstations will be coal-fired and ineffecient, if we can produce enough CO2, melt some greenland and antarctic ice-caps then we can raise sea level enough to flood the netherlands (amsterdamn will be transported to the UK for installation on top of Burnley so brits can continue to use it as a stag night destination (and Burnley sucks))

    Disclaimer: For those not aqquianted with sarcasm I suggest you buy a dictionary, I will invest in a spellchecker, once again please don't sue :p
  10. Actually its more like cruel and unusual punishment......
  11. I suppose it all depends on the type of people they plan on torturing. If TCB has in mind burberry-wearing chavs, former members of the Spice Girls, premier league football players, their Dorii and Ant and Dec, then I'm all for it.
  12. On a serious note I think 104 dead is torture enough for the country, for the relatives and for HM Forces themselves.

    No more please.