Torture gang walked free from court

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chucklingchimp, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. An autistic boy subjected to a terrifying three day `torture` ordeal by three thugs has walked free from court today.Judge Jonathan Geake imposed three months curfew on the three yobs and ordered them to carry out 80 hours unpaid community work as `an intensive alternative to custody`

    The three yobs Jack Bolton,Andrew Griffin and Nathan Marshall kicked and stamped on his head,repeatedly punched him in the chest,beat him with a tennis racket then threw him down a steep embankment.He was also pelted with dog shit,had his limbs scrathed with sandpaper and was forced to drink vodka and gin until he passed out.

    Mobile phone footage showed the yobs laughing and joking as they made him endure other abuse.In a final humiliating assualt,they applied adhesive tape to his genital area,before ripping the tape off.

    Griffin,Marshall,Bolton,citied the reason for them commiting these acts as `being bored`

    Tough on crime,tough on anti-social behaviour,tough on deviant behaviour?It certainly does not look that way does it?
  2. Donate the yobs to medical science. They'll become useful then. No anaesthetic of course.
  3. Hopefully we can donate the judge as well..
  4. So, as well as being tortured he should have gone to jail too, just for being autistic?

    Pedantic comment aside, that's a truly abysmal outcome. These thugs should have, at the very least, received a custodial sentence.
  5. The tough on crime stance is always taken before an election to get votes, it never happens once the party gets in, in fact the Lib/ Con coalition seems more intent on emptying the jails rather than filling them..
  6. Put all FOUR (judge included) down range at Lulworth.
  7. In the sea???
  8. It's only a matter of time before someone does a "Harry Brown".
  9. An `intensive alternative to custody` thats the bit that made me laugh.A total cop out by the judge.It only reinforces my belief that the judges are definately living in a different world.We should start to build more prisons and lock more people up for longer periods.There will be the argument that this course of action will not rehabilitate offenders,and that is the job of the prison service the rehabilitation of offenders,however, my point of view is lock them up,keep them off the streets for a very long time..... if need be hang them.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Google 'Ken McElroy' to find out what happens when the forces of law and order are too lazy or incompetent to fufill their responsibilities.
  11. I live part of the year in the Baja Peninsular in Mexico.
    A couple of years ago the town bully, Big Miguel, pissed out of his head (again) threw his baby daughter of 18 months across a room breaking several bones, after which the babe became seriously ill.
    A few weeks later a couple of strangers came into the town and got Big Miguel drunk. When he collapsed they took him outside and put him in the back of their truck.
    What was thought to be his remains was discovered some days later tied down out over a red ant hill.
    The only identifiable bits were his fingernails!
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Good old Mexico, he won't do that again will he?

    I feel the day when we have our very own 'Ken McElroy' incident is getting a little closer.

    Especially with pricks like His Honour Judge Jonathan Geake on the circuit bench, he's a QC as well, the 'Quality' guidemark for barristers and judges, mind you Harriet Harman has got one so maybe nuff said.

    Seems like Manchester and Liverpool Crown are getting all the judicial pricks in charge these days.

    Wonder if the Attorney General will appeal this comedy sentence?
  13. To quote Jacob Zuma, bring me my machine-gun.
  14. The entire legal and political system in this country is infested with people who have actually no concept of the reality of the society that they are creating.

    The primary responsibility of government is the protection of the people, it is why the people bestow that duty upon them. If they fail to carry out the duties which they are richly rewarded for then they no longer have the right to judge or govern. They become part of the problem, they become accesories to the crimes which they fail to punish and therefore fail to deter.

    Criminal scum at the top protecting the criminal scum at the bottom.... a f*cked up symbiosis which is ruining the lives of the actual law abiding.
  15. Yep, no boat though. Float 'em out and shell them.