Torture Flights

From this article on MOD Oracle: LINK

All very well and good, but what about the British Overseas Territories which the US have bases? Were they used?? Does the PM know if the bases on Diego Garcia and Ascension Island were used??

Would have thought Asension was the perfect place to hold anyone from sandpit type countries = hot and dusty. In fact it would make a good place to send our crim' recividists to. Miles from anywhere, hard labour not a problem, out of sight of the 'bleeding heart liberal brigade' and the airfield is owned by the septics! :D
I sniff a cover up. The rendition flights first came to light when someone too a photo of one of the planes the spams use to transfer the 'customers' around the world. It had been tracked all over the place by its flight plans and tail number. Amoungts other places, it's been to Turkey and even Bournmouth!!!!

And, unless I'm very much mistaken, evidence that more than one aircraft has worn the same same reg. at the same time. (N379P).

How do they know these are "torture" flights?

Do the put it on the flight plan like?

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