Torture allegations.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. MI5 say that the recent allegations of rendition and abuse of B. M. a British citizen removed from Pakistan to Morocco, are completely without foundation.

    One officer said."Prior to him being taken to Guantanamo Bay, he just enjoyed a little horseplay with us, that's all."
  2. ffs did they throw him out of the plane?
  3. This is the last time I go bungeejumping with the fcukin Brits!
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    British Intelligence MI5 unveil new interrogator.MoD & HMG insist on more private testing before implimenting changes.

  5. Oh Christ I'll tell you nothing beat me to within in an inch of my life, fcuk yeah, harder harder, I've been such a bold boy
  6. New Yoga position. Next thing you know he'll be complaing his human rights have been breached.
  7. yeh it pishes me off no end after all the stakes are higher these days so a few slaps and a drip or two of water on a rag ... as long as its "britta filtered" is nothing compared to what those scumbags would do given the chance. So no i have zero compassion with some bellend who lives in bradford but was picked up in islamabad with a false passport and a map of stan. If that sort of thing happened during the struggle against the germans NO they would have labeled them Spies and hung them outright. maybe we should make our disused offshore gas platforms available for interrogation units to hold and question these freaks and suspected bumholes, then its not exactly a country they are flown to is it... or maybe im being out of order, maybe we should invite them all to our grans house and enjoy some battenburg and a brew.
  8. Err.... How did you find out about the Off-Shore R&R facilities?