Tortenfuhrer Klaschka and his Nazi treats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Austrians, eh?

    Nazi cakes cause outrage - Telegraph

    I particularly like this quote from the cake maker:
  2. Freedom of Speech & all that, at least they aren't "denying the holocaust".

    It's just an ancient peace symbol with a bit of German text isn't it.......?
  3. Not in that form no.


    The symbol was once worn as a peace or good luck charm especially in Hindu countriies, and has appeared in Christian churches too (I think the Church Hitler went to as a child has them too). Howeever the Nazi one is always rotated through 45 degrees. The others are literally a crooked cross.

    The cake commissioners views on the holocaust are not representated in baked form.
  4. i'm appalled.

    it should be spelled 'heisst'. [/spelling nazi]

    and why the **** is his honour called Irene?
  5. And it has a couple of lightening bolts. Just for aesthetic effect.
  6. Possibly an ancient Runic symbol warning of the presence of nuts.
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  7. £79 for a bit of cake it better have some ******* taste fruit and a bit of alchol in it

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  8. You cannot buy free publicity.
  9. Maybe they were stale.
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Harry has his order in for his birthday!!
  11. Right, I m no Konditormeister myself, but **** me, that cake looks like it was crayoned on by 6 year old Chernobyl Phalidimides sporting Wurzel Gummidge arms.

    And what a Bloomer, Heist, as Proper Gander correctly states, incorrectly spelt. Just goes to show that the Clientele for such goods are not held in high esteem, even by the local Baker. Mind you, doubt they spotted the mistake. Tsk!

    Der Führer would be turning in his grave.........
  12. Wir backen gegen England?

    Or perhaps it was more of a "Meringue nach Osten"?

    soll ich meinen Mantel holen...ah ja, danke die grune...oh und hier ist mein taxi, prima!
  13. It is even more sinsister than it seems!

  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    On another thread I said that I would need a dictionary and thesaurus to keep up,now it looks like I need a German phrase book,this ARRSE is costing me a fortune in trips to Waterstones.