Torquay Walt!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frigate23, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Just been out on the lash this weekend with some muckers from CTCRM, was walking to the train station this afternoon when I couldn't help but notice a man wearing 95 Trousers, Norgie zipped and folded at the neck and, I wish I'd imagined this, a 7.62 Link belt as a belt! I tried to get a phot but he was getting suspicious while I was pretending to be on the phone, while failing completely to contain my laughter! So does anyone on here know of him?! Seen him?!
  2. Not really a walt, more of just being an utter cunt with a bizarre fashion sense.

    Do you consider anyone who wears anything even remotely 'military' to be a walt?
  3. There is loads of them mate all over the place. It really winds me up civvies wearing combats. I feel like saying "do i wear your uniform in my spare time" , no, "then why the **** are you wearing mine"
  4. Quite handy though, I still have a pair of the old issue dpm trousers and have used them for courier work (A-Z fits nicely in the pocket) and gardening. Saying that i didnt bother with the norgie and link belt tho - bit too sad even for me
  5. Sounds more like a Care in the Community case than a walt mate!
  6. You were in Torquay FFS! What do you expect?
  7. No way! Anyone know where I can get one?

  8. Torquay.
  9. Wah.
  10. He wasn't wearing black boots as well was he?
  11. Shut up. Surplus has been worn for years in most countries around the world. You would get laughed at - or slapped - for being dull and gobby.
  12. Dressing in surplus DPM and suchlike was never a fashion for civilians in Northern Ireland in the 1970'/80s!!!!!!
    I wonder why?
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The volume of sad tw@ts that dress up in mil uniforms for stag do's is quite high. Places like Torquay attract the sort of kn0bbers that wear this clobber and think it is a hoofing place to go out on the lash - so are you surprised?????
  14. Taking it a wee bit too seriously I feel. It's not as if he was wearing a full uniform with TRFs and talking about being in the sandpit.
    I still wear my old DPMs when I got to martial arts classes because they have room are solid and comfy. No norge or link belt but that's because I do have some sense.
  15. The thread title confused me somewhat. Why would anyone walt as a seaside resort?

    Personally, I'd pretend to be Skegness but I doubt I could carry it off with my thighs.