Torquay’s attractions

Discussion in 'Travel' started by HANS21, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Torquay is set on a magnificent piece of land. It sits on the South Devon coastline and is an extremely popular holiday resort town. Since it is a resort town, the beach is a primary form of entertainment.
    Relaxation is what brings some to Torquay. There are numerous hotels to choose from and the beach seems endless. Hotels In Torquay rates from "cheap as chips" bargain student accommodation, right up to luxury executive suites in the city centre.
    Along with Torquay’s attractions are the dining opportunities. The town has a big number of restaurants. Torquay also has a variety of pubs, cafes bistros and restaurants that offer endless culinary choices. The food in Torquay is among the best in Devon.
  2. And your point is? Do you work for Torquay council?
  3. I much prefer Brixham.

    They have rustic Chavs there.
  4. My abiding memory of Torquay.

  5. Now a Best Western so the service probably hasn't improved.
  6. And I prefer not to go there at all. My Mom has lived there for the last 25 years and in that time it has gone from a selective seaside resort to an absolute dump. The high street, if you can call it that, is dirty and there are more boarded up shop fronts than those that are open. If you must go to Devon avoid Torquay - that is of course nothing to do with the queue of traffic waiting to get into Torquay from Newton Abbot, I can never understand why so many people want to go there! Best bit of Torquay - leaving, except for leaving my Mom of course.
  7. The only place in the world I could pull in a wetsuit with a foot of sticky up hair and cheeks like a jock landlord. Good smack there as well, straight from the Colombas via Portugal.
  8. The powers that be want us to promote the bay as

    Pink Pound

    Possibly one for Jarrod :D

    Edited because I buggered up the link
  9. Maybe something to do if you do go there. Though of course, there's no guarantee they'll let you watch.

  10. Torquay - a bit of a dump. I taught in a secondary school there for a time. Well, it was 40 years ago, but the staff room notice board still had notices up instructing teachers on what they were to do in an air raid, which year group was to go to which shelter etc. It was 40 years ago, but still more than a quarter of a century after the last visit by the Luftwaffe bearing gifts for the fine people of Devon.

  11. I was born there, left at a very early age and spent most of my life abroad.

    It appears to have been a wise move.
  12. It doesn't look so bad from offshore..........pulling night.
  13. Gay man beaten after leaving Torquay nightclub

    But to quote: The food in Torquay is among the best in Devon.
  14. I live in Paignton one of the other DUMPs here, anti car, holiday maker nightmare, rude Tourist, all wanting something for nothing, - worst tippers English are I work in catering doing all the cooking etc etc etc all in all I may have made £7.25 in tips in 22 years (enough said) if I had a £1 for lovely meal and service, I would only have been working 10yrs or less and become a millionaire. :p :p :p
  15. Mistersoft, there are no chavs in Brixham!

    Ok, there are lots, but they certainly aren't everywhere like Torquay which has gone downhill massively over the last few years...! When next home may have to check out the gay bar, everyone knows they are the best places to trap chicks with their guard down....