Torpedo Found off Portland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by merchantman, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. An interesting job for the RN EOD and a sixpence half crown moment for the chief mate and bosun on the foc'le head:

    Combined chemical and oil tanker Skaw Provider (2889 gt, built 2005), with 13 persons on board, fouled the anchor fluke on a torpedo, when recovering port anchor, 0.5 nautical miles east of Portland Harbour, in position lat 50 35.933N, long 002 25.133W, today. Skaw Provider dropped starboard anchor and lowered port anchor, with torpedo below the water line. No assistance was required. National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) tasked Royal Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT) to liaise with Portland Harbour Master. RN EOD is on scene. A Temporary Exclusion Zone (TEZ) for 1000 metres has been established around the position of Skaw Provider. Broadcast action was carried out, whilst TEZ is in place. EOD removed the torpedo to sea bed and Skaw Provider left the scene. EOD carried out a controlled detonation, at the original position at 1655 hrs, UTC. Confirmation of successful detonation awaited.

    Combined chemical and oil tanker Skaw Provider: Confirmation received at 1801 hrs, UTC, that the controlled detonation of the torpedo by Royal Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal was successful. Earlier, Skaw Provider had fouled the anchor fluke on a torpedo, when recovering port anchor, at Portland Harbour.

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  2. my bad...
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  3. SOP for that area.

    Long been a torpedo testing ground..
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  4. If you see the wall charts in local pubs of shipwrecks along the Dorset coast, Portland is littered with them going back many hundreds of years
  5. I curled out a fair one swimming off chesill beach when i was a kid. Bugger must have found its way back!
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  6. Whitehead torpedoes were made in Portland Harbor.

    Distant family of the ex-wife worked there, and one became works superintendent. There's a magnificent 3' long silver model of a torpedo in the family somewhere that was presented to him on retirement. Absolutely stunning piece.
  7. Whitehead's factory was on the Wyke Regis side at Ferrybridge, later became Wellworthy and now is just another housing development. The remains of Whitehead's pier can be seen on Google Earth stretching out into the harbour.
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  8. That was her excuse for her small Dildo. It was an Edwardian thyang.
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  9. I forgot to mention that until the late 1960s a railway line ran from Weymouth to Portland. There was a "Halt" at Whiteheads presumably for the workers.
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  10. There`s a cracking little D Day museum on Portland at Castletown. Inside is a sectioned torpedo with its inner workings....
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  11. I'm reading that as a 3' model, that's nearly a metre. Are you slack or what?
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  12. Not forgetting the associated torpedo range at Bincleaves. This booklet is one of my prize possessions:

    Bincleaves booklet front cover med.jpg
    ...and this is one of my favourite images in it:

    Bincleaves Torpedo Range Building circa 1900.jpg
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  13. Bincleaves is the reason I was born in Weymouth, that and WW2. I've never seen that booklet I shall be on the lookout now. Thanks mate.
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  14. Last year we were backed off 1000 metres by Mod launch in the Solent, while RN popped a WW2 torpedo. It went 'phut', about a ten foot splash is all. Had it been 50 metres we could all have enjoyed it. Load of rubbish.
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  15. Pick up any fish ?