Tornados to be sold!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by captaincalamity, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. useful to have around the house - compost bin ??
  2. Didn't I hear that the F-3 / ADVs had ready been binned in favour of the Air Marshals' favourite brand of expensive tea? One squadron left and that due to go in 6 months?

    Still leaves the GR-4s, but they don't have the same expensive pointy bit?
  3. Dear God man. Have you never heard the Johnny Cash song where he nicks a Cadillac "One Piece at a Time" when he gets a job in the Cadillac factory?

    All I need now is wings, engines, canopy, furry dice etc and I'll be ready to hunt down Tony Blair.
  4. I knew he was sainted, I didn't realise he was an angel already? Sure you don't want a GR-4?
  5. Tornado F3s have been sold off for the last few years. There's one squadron left up at Leuchars, and that's due to go early next year when 6 Squadron are ready to take over the QRA tasking with the Typhoon, as Idrach says.

    GR4s have a different radome - which is less pointy (not wishing to get overly-technical about it). F3 has a 27mm cannon, so would be useful for B'lair hunting, although I'd rather go with a Typhoon (targeting pod, cannon and sufficient PWII to tackle a subsequent target of opportunity - as one fondly thinks of Cherie Blair - after the deed against the former PM was done)
  6. Stainless steel? I don't think so.
  7. Quite right. After all, what would be the point of keeping a radar in a Faraday cage :) But then, it is for a Foxhunter :)

    It's hard enough getting the damn' things strong enough to hurtle around ten feet in front of Biggles, while still not distorting the RF signal in any way.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the GR.4's pointy bit works. ;)
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Keep up, do. The same girl melted down a Tornado and made a bell out of the alli in it.

    Tate Britain today unveils its new Duveens Commission, Harrier and Jaguar, by Fiona Banner. Banner’s largest work to date, Harrier and Jaguar brings the highly-charged physicality of two real fighter jets, both previously in active military service, into the unexpected setting of the neoclassical Duveen Galleries. Harrier and Jaguar has been specially devised for the Tate Britain Duveens Commission 2010, supported by Sotheby's.

    In the South Duveens, a Sea Harrier jet is suspended vertically, its bulk spanning floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Mimicking its namesake the harrier hawk, the aircraft's surface has been reworked with handpainted graphic feather markings - the cockpit, the eyes, the nose cone, the beak - and hung nose pointing towards the floor, bringing to mind a trussed bird.

    In the North Duveens, a Sepecat Jaguar lies belly-up on the floor, its elegant, elongated body traces the length the gallery. Stripped of paint and polished to reveal a metallic surface, the aircraft becomes a mirror that reflects back its surroundings and exposes the audience to its own reactions. Harrier and Jaguar achieves a powerful presence loaded with the seductive and yet troubling qualities of these objects of war.
  10. Ironically, so does the F.3 pointy bit. They just had trouble at the start, because it was shiny new technology (for the 1970s). Quite cheeky in some respects, I hear. Don't worry - the US kit is often just as old and clunky, they've just got better manufacturer PR and less cynical users (of course it's the best in the world, it's American g*ddammit, what do you mean you want proof...).

    GR.4 pointy bit = GR.1 pointy bit = F-111 pointy bit, namely a piece of late 1960s/ early 1970s Texas Instruments gear. Clunky, but works.

    F.3 pointy bit = GEC kit, a company which [allegedly] to its surprise won both the F.3 radar and the Nimrod AEW radar bids (it expected to win one, with the other going to Ferranti); and then had to split its radar team between the two projects. Having promised to deliver look-down/shoot-down (no mean feat in the 1970s), it had to design and build the first Fast-Fourier Transform processor to fly in Europe. Hot stuff for the new-fangled digital signal processing of the day, and it turned up a year late. They ended up with something about equivalent in technology and performance to the thing in the front of the F-14, and about as reliable and expensive ;)

    Don't worry, GEC Borehamwood is long gone. When GEC bought Ferranti in 1990, they promptly put their own world-class radar design team under Ferranti control, and two years later moved everything to Edinburgh (by which time we in Edinburgh had got bored of sending engineers "dahn sahf" on attachment to help them design the stuff they'd promised they could deliver).

    There is one Tornado with a decent radar, but it's an F.2...
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Should do,it stops it flying into the ground at low level!!!

    (Terrain Following Radar)
  12. Being out of the loop I am still a bit surprised to see 30 AH-1 Gazelle helicopters being sold off,I thought the Army had a severe shortage and were desperate for helicopters in Afghanistan,or are they now out of service or unsuitable for that area?
  13. Firstly, the Chicken Leg fleet is just about time-expired and clapped-out after 30-odd years. (You could hear the tinfoil, cardboard and nomex honeycomb structure creaking when you sat in one, and I haven't done that for a few years). Secondly, what would you use it for?
  14. How about local recce without having to sweep the roads for IED´s every time you want to leave camp?As everybody´s normally complaining about the lack of helicopters I´m just surprised that all available choppers aren´t out there already,the Scout was well over It´s run out date but still being used effectively in NI.
    But as we´re leaving ASAP I suppose It´s too late anyway and I for one will be glad to see the BA leave Afghanistan,a total waste of time and lives.