Tornado scrambled to hunt for the Moat and his castle

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Raven2008, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. FFS, the papers got it wrong as usual....thats an F.3 not a GR4...Unless the Moat has 'flown' the coop and they're intending to shoot him down with a few AMRAAMs....

    Tornado jet called in for Raoul Moat search | The Sun |News

    Think I'll look at the Page 3 babes :0

    Any1 thinks this is going OTT? Why not retask a satellite :)
  2. You'd think they were looking for Osama instead. Completely OTT.
  3. Nope, that's a GR4...
  4. Why would anyone put a targeting pod on a F3, ?
  5. Don't think that's the actual one they're using somehow, just an (albeit slightly inaccurate) example for people at home. I presume they'll be using the GR4 with one of those fancy new RAPTOR pods?
  6. that is a GR4.
  7. Is it, isn't it? Here you go.........


    Short, fat fuselage with a very large, swept fin and rudder. Shoulder-mounted 'swing wings' can move between 17° and 68° of sweep. Two-seat tandem cockpit and a short nose cone. All moving tailplane on the sides of the twin engine tailpipes. Two small pods under the forward fuselage house the laser-guiding and infra-red night vision systems.

    The easiest ways to differentiate between the GR4 and F3 (fighter) versions are the shape of the nose; the GR4 is much blunter and less streamlined; the F3's is longer and sleeker. The F3 also lacks the under-chin pods of the GR4 whilst the F3 airframe is also 6½ feet (2.16m) longer and appears to be better proportioned.

  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Any1 thinks this is going OTT? Why not retask a satellite :) '

    if the capacity is there to help in any way, why not take advantage of it? and surely a 'live' situation with a real world problem will be a good training opportunity?
  9. I'm sure the NSA would happily re-task Echelon and re-route one of its satellites out of quasigeostationary orbit if scarecrow Sue asked them nicely. No doubt they are spilling their tea over it in Menworth Hill and GCHQ as I type.

  10. I personally think the rest of the forces are missing a trick here not getting themselves involved. The RAF aren't soft. When it comes time to start cutting back, good evidence of how versatile and useful your people and equipment could be might just save your job.

    I think if we mobilised 1 UK Armd Div and rolled through the countryside we might not find him but the images of MLRS levelling his last known campsite and a Challenger 2 chain gunning a garden shed could just spare the Army some cuts.
  11. it looks like we may have just found a role for ASTOR afterall..standfast on the RAF budget...that said, we could park the new carrier of the coast and launch ops from it, thereby saving the RN's white elephant too...
  12. Not exactly good terrain for a CR2 is it though!
  13. What is Slow Go & No Go is none of my business anymore.

    Besides I was only interested in what was Slow Go for a T72 :D
  14. Surely there is a local Scout Troop available who could but their Tracking and Outdoor badges to good use. Draft in the Girl Guides with their First Aid and Tea Making badges and it will be over in hours!

    On a more serious note..noticed a few images of "police" wearing camo gear...could they be "them" helping out?
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I was referring more to the crabs and not bringing in the Death Star...