Tornado livery marks 100 years of RAF Squadron

How fitting they are celebrating 100 years since the formation of a Army Squadron... will make it easier to merge teh RAF in to teh Army Air Corps as the 'AAC (Heavy)' in 2018.


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My Mum was 94 when she died. Nobody tried to decorate her in a special livery. Had they tried I would have punched their teeth out then wor kid would have kicked them to death for mumbling.

Me Mum was not a GR4 in fairness. But then, a GR4 cannot knock up a delicious lemon drizzle cake in 20 minutes, can it?


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Forastero will get the hump!
He can get the ******* coal in. But if he starts trying to paint decals on my Mum he is getting twatted. By now my Mum will be adipose tissue with clean bones. If Forastero wants to get nicked for digging up a dissolved old doll then trying to paint her, I wish him well of it. Me and wor kid will be waiting for him when he gets out of nick.

Just because something is 100 years old it does not mean it needs painting.
Good of the RAF to finally realise their true worth: Liveried Servants of the Army.

Such a pity that current defence spending constraints mean that the livery is mostly polyester. But with Mr Chancellor Osborne's newly found operational windfall, maybe we can look forward to them being clothed in a manner that one would wish to see one's servants clad in.
The Squadron badge features a distinctive 'Wake' knot in the centre roundel, derived from Hereward The Wake, the 11th Century folk hero who led opposition to William the Conqueror in the Fens, and which indicates the basic role of the unit as a guardian of the Army.
Not how they see themselves... according to the OP Link.
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