Tornado foils Taliban ambush

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 17, 2011.

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  2. What next......soldier fires rifle?
  3. ''Taliban in Helmand?'' Well I never.
  4. [Mr_Picky]Bloody big machine gun![/Mr_Picky]


  5. They also didn't foil an ambush as contact was already under way.
  6. Has another one fallen out of the sky again?
  7. I was expecting to see a picture of a natural Tornado with some Taliban flying through the air. Slow day for me.

  8. Slow day for you? I've just lost two hours of my life watching your .gif

    Now to grab a mop for the puddle of my assorted bodily fluids on the floor...

  9. You won't like this one of the same girls then... (probably NSFW)
  10. Ahh...the RAF PR machine in full swing.

    Can anyone in the know and within the bounds of PERSEC tell me what product the RAPTOR pod on Tornado gives us that EO/IR pods on UASs such as H450/Reaper dont, and what the cost per hour of operating each of the platforms is?

    It is clearly quite handy having something in the joint fires armoury that can cover the ground quickly and deliver the 'hard knock' in the form of Paveway, but given the smaller size of the UK AO in Helmand these days and the increasing need for precision strike is Apache and or Artillery/Mortar better suited to the job at hand ?
  11. Which precision mortar system would that be then?
    The size of the UK AO is irrelevant. The jets all belong to ISAF and can be on task anywhere in the country. Sometimes an RAF jet will be tasked iso TFH, or it will be the USAF and the Tornado will be supporting someone else.
  12. The incessant MOD PR drivel is piss-poor and annoying though. Almost as irritating as the RAF News is these days.
  13. In other news............'Small Earthquake in Peru-Not Many Hurt'.
  14. I was more interested in the story, in the Helmand Blog, about a young Irish Guardsman who is in line for a stiff talking to, from his Mum, after she read about him chasing some taliban through an uncleared minefield.