Tornado crash off the coast of scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by John Civie, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Insurance job to counteract budget cuts?
  2. 2 More members of teh Martin Baker club
  3. Good job we maintain the capability to locate a couple of airmen bobbing about in the waves...oh wait a minute.
  4. Easy enough to do as all the jets are readyto go, just got to peel off all the brown paper covering them!
  5. If there is a fault i certainly wouldnt want to be in one over afganistan providing CAS you'd have enough to worry about without the plane spontaniously combusting.
  6. Best dispatch a Nimrod to co-ordinate the search and rescue operation then.
  7. At least the crew are safe, also a plus that it ditched in the sea, no crash guard for me!
  8. Both aircrew recovered, according to beeb. They flew out of Lossiemouth apparently. While a Minister (poss AF?) was visiting and glad-handing people. Wonder how the Station Commander - no doubt pleading for his station's continued existence at the time - handled that one!

  9. I thought they were actually to be scrapped, not mothballed!

    as an aside how on earth do you fill in a stores indent for a new tornado?
  10. If a coastguard tug is being sent to the scene does this mean their may be an attempt to revover the wreckage if its not to deep?

    i'd put money on the station commander and the minister were talking about reducing numbers of personel and aircraft to make the base cheaper to operate
  11. Of course we're looking to recover it. We'd look utter fools to the rest of the military world if the other one breaks down!
  12. With a hell of a lot less bother than trying to get a pair of new boots!
  13. Just realised how daft my last post is seemed sounded better in my head, i was thinking about the depth of water in which it went down in.