Tornado crash in Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by army_of_1, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. It seems like our sideways walking friends have tried flying through a mountain again. The article doesn't really give much information but the details that come from the investigation might be worth reading. Hopefully there won't be too much of a debacle over this.

    BBC story here
  2. That'll be the reason why the RAF Police are avoiding their thread in the aviation forum.................they'll be investigating a black dog who ran into the path of that jet.
  3. At least the pilot & balast managed to get out okay.
  4. Did antbody else notice that one of the paragraphs was entitled 'Pilot Error' when the spokesman said that this was only one of the possibilities?

    Bloody journalists.
  5. Not a good way to finish the week...

    would like to see the mess bill for that one.
  6. Yeah. A relief that they got out all right, but what the..? 8O
  7. There's a million and one things that 'could' have happened. But anything anyone says before the investigation is completed is pure speculation and not worth a thing. So why bother with it. Plane crashed, crew got out okay and no one hurt on the ground..... expensive but happy ending I'd say.
  8. it went in to the sea not a mountain

    my money is on a bird strike

    glad they are ok
  9. Shows how well I read the story then. :oops:

    I did notice the journo mentioning pilot error which confused me a bit. If they are just trying to fill in details of the story then that really is lazy reporting.
  10. totally out of order for the jurno to suggest pilot error less than 6 hours after the incedent
  11. Glad they're both ok.

    The investigation into the incident will of course look at all possible causes of the accident. Unfortunatly our journo friends only pick up on the pilot error line.

    On the bright side they will now be entitled to the tie.
  12. As suggested, complaint about presumption lodged

    Would be nice if the BBC was flooded with such complaints....
  13. Done my bit.
  14. Agreed Bits. Complaint lodged. Good call.