Torn Ligaments and Running

Hi there.

Three days ago I monged a landing jumping over a wall and, after an X-ray, found out I've torn ligaments in three places in my foot. The morning after I couldn't stand on the foot at all, but the last couple of days it hasn't been so bad, and I walked (well, hobbled) about half a mile today.

My question is how long should I realistically leave it before getting back to running? And would I be able to use a bike in a gym in the meantime?

It entirely depends on the severity of the injury. For some, you can just just strap them up, take some magic pills and you're away. Some can take a good 6 weeks of rest and strengthening exercises. I can only guess that if you thought it warranted an X-Ray, then it must have felt as if you had broke it, so it may need to be sorted properly. As well as having X - Rays, you should have a treatment plan / physio appts etc. Didn't they tell you anything? I am surprised that you weren't given any more information. One thing is guaranteed though, when you get to the point when you think that it's healed enough to go running again, you can bet that it hasn't, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to being (a) patient. If you are tempted to cut corners with the treatment, the injury will come back to get you later on!:D
I'm with Invictus

I'd suggest that you get proper medical advice from a physio and keep of it until you get told what to do.

Ibuprofen is probably a good idea - probably late for ice etc.

and next time

Land with two feet, bend the knees..... once round my beautiful body GO!
Six weeks would be a minimum, even without my seeing the injury...don't be tempted to try other exercise as a substitute, because it will slow the recovery. Things like cycling and rowing however will come into their own as additional strengtheners once you resume training.

You will only just be experiencing some loss of muscle development after six weeks and aerobic fitness will also only be slightly degraded, so do not fret. Are you training for P Coy or AACC? Well relax, it will still be there when you are fit again and you won't pass it carrying a knock. Word!
Cheers for the advice. The hospital never gave me any info about physio or suchlike. I'll book an appointment with the local one today.

Cuddles, yeah I'm currently training for P Coy. Due to be on the TA version of the course in September or October. Basically, all I can think of doing just now are pressups and pullups. I've dropped burpees, situps and weights from my upperbody circuits. I'll check with the physio if swimming would be doable.

Cheers again.
I have once faced some what the same problem you have, I tore the tendons in my right ankle 5 yrs ago now. Fell down some stairs, (go ahead and laugh) the tear was so bad, it turned out to be worse then a break.
My ankle has healed but it now larger then the other one. I would advice see the phsyiso, get your self an 'air cast' and as much as it annoys you wear it! I can only stress that, I didnt and it made my right ankle look like it has a steak tied around it. You seem to be in better shape then me b.c I could not walk on it and was on crutches also for roughly 3 months.

Cheers 2CB


Ligaments! It would be better if you had sustained a fracture, it took me 18 months to get over mine. Plenty of physio and get advice from your Doctor.

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