Torn Ligament

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JoshMillss, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. A while ago (3-4 months) I tore the ligaments in my ankle. I didn't go to the doctors and just taped it up well every day for a good 3 weeks. To my dismay and probably might fault due to agitation...It has come back...With a vengeance. I'm stuck as I need to time my 1.5mile run and tell the AFCO what it is during my 1st interview in 2 weeks time.

    Any suggestions on what I should do?
    Rape tape it and take the pain or go to the doctors and fess up to my recruiter..?
    Help please!
  2. Tricky issue mate, what I would do is put it off until you pass the interview etc then when you get a go for ADSC put it off for abit, I know from experience how long the whole thing takes. But unless its going to be a future problem no need to tell your recruiter.

  3. How do you know you've torn ligaments in your ankle if you haven't seen a doctor / had an x-ray?

    If you're struggling with the 1'5mile then it's fair to state that basic training would likely cripple you.

    Tell your recruiter & see your GP - even though you run the risk of a medical deferral (or worse) in having recent connective tissue injuries on your record, chances are the injury will only worsen if not properly treated by a professional.
  4. What he said. If you really have torn it, you've got no chance in basic without getting it fixed.

    Sorry, as I'm sure thats not what you wanted to hear.
  5. You wouldn't get aware with anything if you have actually torn it. If you have you have some major problems because they ages to heal up to useable again (and heavy wear from basic will.....not be good).

    You've probably strain some tendons or ligaments.
  6. Put off your interview and get a specialist consultants opinion then take it from there if you permeantly injure your ankle your fu**ed for life remember that