Torn City - Great Online Game

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Lumpy, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Torn city is an online crime game, where you can go it alone, or join a faction. Later in the game, you can start your own faction and take on others round the world.

    Follow this link to join up, and when you reach level 5 (shouldnt take too long), i'll send you an apartment and a car which will be yours to do what you want with - Before then, I'll rent you the apartment for a peppercorn rent of 1 dollar every 25 days (going rate at the minute is much, much more.....)

    Its not a bad game at all, and theres the opportunity to join the army as a job to earn more money....

    I'm also hoping that soon there will be an ARRSE faction for us all to join, then we can try and take over the world!
  2. Is this a real time game?
  3. One of those text based games, good for you office fellows, although there is alot better ones out there that i used to go on during the school days, bots2/mafia etc