Torment of war drove ex-soldier to suicide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sheffield87, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. RIP.
  2. I might be cynical but from the story it is only really the girlfriend who is saying that it was his experiences in the army that made him kill himself.

    Very sad that the fellow felt he had to kill himself but I’m hearing a distant “ blame = claim” from this girlfriend!
  3. Did you read all of the article?

    The court heard he saw his GP in July 2008 and was judged to be a high suicide risk and was referred to the community mental health team. In April and August this year he was again referred to the team for treatment.

    Coroner David Urpeth said: "It's clear he had a very troubled mind but it's not clear why he took his own life, although the indications are it was due to what he had seen during his time in the forces."

  4. Sorry if I read it wrong but it seemed to me that the indicators came from the girlfriend and it is not clear what the doctor was told. It is just a huge shame that civi street dedicates more time, money and effort to scum than a Veteran.

    If it was clear that it was his time in the army you would think or hope there was a way for a veteran to be taken back into the military CPN types who I believe would be better able to help. The NHS, as good as it is, just isn’t able to field people with the same empathy.

    Just a thought and no reflection on the sad loss.
  5. Wonder if this is the same Mick Ennis who at one time was was a dog handler in NI,? RIP
  6. Very sad.