Tories Tough on Immigration

As someone who was an Immigration Officer - pretty much, yes - it seems to be what a lot are wanting to hear... but there is a world of difference between a politician talking hard on immigration, and it actually being put into effect.

The Imm' Serv' knew (when I was with them) what needed to be done but had not had the backing of the politicians. And that isnt just Bliar - even back with the twin non-entities Major & Hague nothing was done.

The politicians are - generally - scared sh*t'less of bad press and outrage from the trendie lefties and so either give in to the Politically Correct brigade or turn a blind eye to the rampant (and I mean blatantly rampant) abuse of the immigration system.

In the couse of - personally at some point - dealing with thousands of asylum applicants I think I could count on my fingers the number that were genuine refugees rather than economic immigrants. Let's call them what they are.....

I am not denying that conditions in their country of origin are bad - poverty and disease stricken - but the asylum system (if you can go so far as to call it a system) was not meant to open the doors to anyone that has had a harsh, poor life. It was initially conceived/written with the idea of helping defecting Eastern-Bloc generals, scientist and intellectuals - then some cunning legal-aid lawyers in the early 80's decided they could be onto something of a money spinner, and so the flood-gates opened.

Now anyone that can get together a plane ticket and make up some crap story is able to stay here and get benefit entitlement etc etc
I dont wish to be seen as having a knee-jerk reaction, there are some genuine refugees that were persecuted, tortured, harassed- and they are deserving of help - but they are certainly in the minority.

[/rant] 8O
Politicians on Immigration.
Next joke please.
Yesterday I saw on the Beeb the Lib Dems conferance with Jonny Gurhka and please let us stay.
We have two 'Recently' retired Brit Gurhka officers live here and their version of the tale, that they have told for years, is Jonny wants UK education for his children.
I have said before I have problems with Gurhkas. They are paid mercenarys, their loyalty is to their paymaster, Sultans of Brunei and Oman will confirm.
I have never doubted their courage or honor.
I never doubted the courage of all thoes long gone Brit battalions and they where Brit or Paddy.
Blow up the tunnel.
Deploy the Navy into the Channel - orders to blow up any non-UK fishing vessel in UK territorial waters.
Withdraw the troops from Iraq and have them patrol the South Coast.
Shoot immigrant fcukers on sight.

Chutley's Manefesto - any votes?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Interesting what P-J says, and as an immigrant meself (well, white floppy) i must admit some personal interest.

i also agree that this needs serious tightening and whilst i would normally not believe a thing any politican says on immigration, at least Howard can stand up to the loonie left brigade and tell them to p*ss off!

Lets face it, hard to say to an East European Jew that he is anti-immigrate.
I have to agree with all that has been said so far. Something definitely needs doing to stem this current flood of immigrants, or, more correctly, asylum speakers. (Doubtless flocking to live a life of comparative luxury compared to their point of origin!).

I also am not so sure Michael Howard will actually be able to do anything about it. I don't, however, doubt his intent to try. One thing the current leader of the Opposition has convinced me of is seriousness and will to delive what he promises!

I have no doubt the chattering classes and left wing do good brigade will squeal about the unfairness of it all, but then again, that's democracy for you! Don't tell me that the majority of people in the country are happy with the current 'system' (closest word to describe it!) and wouldn't back any measures implemented designed to restore some control over the issue back in our (or the govts) hands!

Of course, they have to win the election to implement these ideas. We live in hope.....
you see, what gets me is; if the tory scum where in power the labour idiots would be pledging to be tough on immigration. it doesn't matter who is in number ten. those in power will do exactly what anyone in an other party would do in their place. those in the opposition will do or say anything to discredit the decision of the party in power. this doesn't apply just to immigration but to many decisions the government makes. politicians are lying, cheating, decieving little *******!
Gosh ,the Tories say they'll get tough on immigration?

Now there's a first :roll:

Immigration and Asylum Bill proposal in 1996? springs to mind

Hang on ,wasn't that what the Labour Party instituted in 98?

Along with SDR :evil:

Sorry Michael o'Darkness ,we've heard it before , it wasn't an election winner then either.

Now get into power ,THEN get Draconian muwahahahhahaaa.

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