Tories to tell the truth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pork_Pie, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Times

    Didn't know there were loads of conspiracy theorists in marginal seats. Bet this has the saviour of the world trembling!

    (Link a few days' old, but doesn't appear to have been on ARRSE already.)
  2. Not before time, there has been far to much apparent secrecy over this for far too long. Mind you even if they do the conspiracy theorists will still clain they are really hiding the truth
  3. Good on David, economy going to hell in a handbasket and he wants to talk about little Green Men.

    Still, it diverts attention , and that's the important thing.

    Yes they exist, now get over it and get back to the economy stupid :roll:
  4. When he reads them, I suspect he'll change his mind...
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There's something wrong with the man. Whenever he speaks, the metal plate in my skull vibrates something rotten and it gives me a headache.
  6. He might be better placed looking for intelligent life on this planet.
  7. To be fair, he didn't really talk about LGM on his own behest. He was just answering a question.
  8. Agreed. Also, do you think politicians should only ever talk about the single major issue of the day? This was in a small meeting and its a non-story that has been blown out of proportion.
  9. Please expand Parapauk........what do you know ?
  10. The loonies always get worked up about MOD files on UFOs - they think we collect files on them. In a way they are correct - we collect files on any "Unidentified Flying Objects" in our airspace - not spaceships, but anything that we can't recognise as an aircraft. The fact that so far they've all had perfectly reasonable explanations doesnt calm the UFO loonies down.

    The UK UFO mob are single handly responsible for wasting a great many MOD personnels time with their endless requests under FOI for more information on UFOs and aliens. These muppets simply can't accept that the reason we've not released files about little green men isn't because we can't, but because we don't have any. The paranoia is such, that even though we've released just about everything on the subject, they still think we're holding something back. They simply can't handle the truth - that their claims are utterly without foundation (and I say that as someone who thinks there is something out there, but they have better things to do with their time than come here and give inbred rednecks **** probes)...
  11. The bloke who used to manage UFO data for MoD wrote a pretty good book about his work. I think his name is Nick Cook. Although the second half of the book is firmly in X-files territory, the first half is a highly entertaining tale of UFO **** probees and conspiracy nutters.

    Included is a story about one bloke who phoned the police late at night to report an alien invasion. The conversation went like this:-

    NUT : Black UFOs are flying all around. It's an invasion man.
    POLICE : Calm down Sir. What do these shapes look like?
    NUT : Cross shaped and all different sizes with lights on.
    POLICE : What do the lights look like?
    NUT : Red, green, white and flashing orange.
    POLICE : Where are you phoning from Sir?
    NUT : Heathrow
    POLICE : Click ..................
  12. His name is Nick Pope. I know somebody who knew him when he worked at the MOD. By all accounts he was a nice enough guy but getting assigned to the 'UFO broom cupboard' was the sort of sideways promotion people get as a polite way of telling them they are going nowhere fast.

    He apparently took to it like a duck to water when he realised that he'd be able to make money afterwards by doing TV appearances, books etc.. as a 'UFO expert' with an apparent official seal of approval.

    Long story short:
    There are a few reports where the conclusion is 'the person who made the report seems reasonably reliable, and it doesn't seem to be a normal aircraft or natural phenonmenon. We don't know what it was. The UK doesn't appear to be in any danger so we aren't spending any more time on it'.
  13. haha
    now hes go my vote :p
    maybe he should publish his plans for the economy instead :roll:
  14. The two fictional books he wrote, Operation Thunderchild and Operation Lighting Strike, were both very good. Best accounts I've read of the lead up to and reality of an alien invasion, made even more so as they were from the non-Hollywood British perspective.
  15. The most common FOI query the MOD gets is "what are our plans for defeating an alien invasion" - our stock answer is "as we don't know the nature of the lifeforms we'd be fighting, we can't plan anything".