Tories to sack 80% of teachers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. You go from


    I really hope you're representing the UK at the long jump in next year's Olympics ...
  2. They are not raising standards in schools they are doing some cheap electioneering.

    If they applied this criteria to schools now they would have to sack most of the existing teachers.
  3. Its about recruitment... not sacking... back to school for you methinks
  4. does that work? Very nearly every PGCE programme I'm aware of requires a 2:2 degree for entry anyway. Which is what they're proposing.
  5. Whilst it's clearly impractical to sack most of the teachers, do you think it reasonable to maintain poor teachers who lack motivation and skill or who are just plain lazy?
    If you up the entry standards then you are raising the bar for the whole profession and it would probably be much more effective than constant exams as a measure of performance.
  6. Sorry, where did you get that 80% figure from?

    Oh, that's right, you made it up. :roll:

    Personally, I can't see a problem with wanting teachers to have good degrees - all too often it's what people go into when they can't actually figure out what job they want to do when they leave uni - and it should be a choice, not a last resort.

    I can't really see the arbitrary sacking of people who got a job before the previous requirements came into force either...
  7. why do stupid people even bother posting on what is obviously very poor spin, and complete crap
  8. Mong. How can you expect those with lower standards of education to provide the same standard of teaching as those who have attained good degrees from quality universities? Here we're talking Russell Group rather than ex-polys offering "Food and Nuitrition."
    Allowing teachers to restrain pupils without fear of the inevitable lawsuit from these "no-win, no fee" companies is a good idea. Obviously there will be a few isolated cases of taking it too far, but its better than teachers suffering physical injury from unruly gobby cnuts.
  9. Erm, a little conflict in terms here....'UK' and 'quality universities' don't fit well together in a sentence these days unless it is couched in the negative.
  10. Complete non-story IMO
  11. doesn't account for the BEd/ BA+QTS types though where a pass or a Richard = qualified to teach
  12. Sure. Only 4/10 of the World Top 10 Universities, and 18 of the top 100 are from the UK. Thats fcuking appalling from a country with 60 million people. :roll: