Tories to encourage murder by rapists and robbers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. I heard a lot about this in Saudi, how many south asian house servants have been raped god only knows. Many of them end up pregnant, get offed, shallow graves in the desert and plod informed that they have "run away". And that is in a country where a Saudi man is very unlikely to be found guilty of raping kuffar women FFS.
  2. I must have missed the bit where Englandshire was teleported to the Middle East.
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  3. Its an underhand way of saving money on the legal aid bill.
  4. Will this be pursued with the same vigour as carrying a knife illegally? I can see the hardened criminals quaking in their boots.

    Remind me how long Learco Chindamo did for murder? Oh yes FIVE years, so I can't see much to stop villains offing witnesses now.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah right - society would be much better off if there were no sanctions whatsoever on the nasty men if they decide to rob, rape and murder, as the threat of prison is clearly what drives violent crime.
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  6. Its been done before with the 3 strikes rule. It didn't last long. Then came IPP sentences, which have been largely repealed except for scheduled offences of a serious nature. Since IPP sentences work the same as a lifer (in as much so as fitness to release anyway) what is the point of this? There is already provision for extended licence requirements upon release.

    Life sentences slapped around willy nilly will cost the taxpayer dearly in appeals.
  7. Given how difficult it is to get a conviction for rape, I'd have thought there's more chance of being caught and convicted for murdering the victim than you are for raping her.
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  8. Yes, but that wouldn't be an excuse to take a childish swipe at the 'Tories'.
  9. How does a dead rape victim who has been fed through a woodchipper complain about rape?

    PS - no harm in killing her, the sentence will be the same.. which seems to have escaped you...
  10. You may have missed my point, but only totally.
  11. Post 11 refers.
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  12. Calm down, dear. It's just a commercial.:roll:

    It looks good in the newspapers and makes the true believers cum, but there is very little chance of it being implemented in the Real World. HMP are at bursting point as it is and there's not a snowball's chance in Hell the government's going to shell out to build any new ones. So unless we not only reintroduce the Death Penalty but apply it retrospectively(not a bad idea but unfortunately it will never happen:twisted:)there's not going to be enough places for all the serial rapists/killers of your fevered imaginings.

    "Two Strikes and You're Out" will be quietly kicked into touch by the politicians, judges and lawyers. And since the average voter's attention span doesn't last much longer than an episode of BGT, not many people will care.
  13. Prisons have been at high capacity for years. It's not hard to increase prison places, stick to what you know about.
  14. In the report he says everyone deserves a second chance. Is he implying you can do it once but not again?.
    As jarrod says the prisons have been full since they were built, there is always room for more, single cells can easily be made into double ones, id the offender doesn't like it then tough, they shouldn't of been a naughty boy in the first place.
    If the courts and the namby pamby judges got the sentencing correct first time around then there shouldn't be a need for 2 strikes.
    Id you commit embesselment the penalty is quite harsh, I have come across a guy who fiddled his vat and tax and got 4 years for his crime, on the same wing were people in for aggravated burglary.. rape, and causing death from dangerous or drunk driving, all of whom were doing an equivalent or shorter sentence.
    Get the priorities right and give the maximum sentence first time and the problem would be solved