"Tories should pray to lose election"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. An interesting piece from Dominic Lawson

    He raises a valid point that the early 90s financial situation would have shafted whoever won.

    Personally, I'm keen for labour to win so there can be a more balanced view on which political party screwed up the country over a set period of time.
    Interestingly enough, the old labour gripe about Thatcher snatching milk seem to fade when compared to Blair and the Iraq War (though he doesn't have quite such a catchy nickname)
  2. That's a good article, so thanks for posting it.

    I had to look up "misanthrope" though (someone who hates mankind...)!

    It has occurred to me that the Conservatives might be back-peddling in order to allow Labour to win - precisely because of the economic mess, but I don't think that Mr Cameron is that clever or Machiavellian.

  3. I think that Labour should win. As I have said before, the country is not sufficiently screwed up yet for people to accept the radical changes required. The benefits system is far too generous and from that alot of our other problems are born.
  4. An interesting article. I don't think Cameron is the man to lead the Conservatives and another Labour term might mean a more 'solid' and upright man of substance gets the leadership.
  5. If Labour did win then they would have to tackle the benefits system themselves and address the number of QANGOs. It would make a change to see a party forced to correct it's own appalling mistakes and face the reality of what it has done.
  6. Very interesting write up and some of the comments make good reading as well.

    I am probably going to hate myself forever but I am seriously considering voting Labour for precisely the reasons highlighted in the article.

    A Labour majority would force Brown to either deal with the issues or face massive political backlash from the Unions not to mention the potential of a massive backlash from the electorate. A labour victory could destroy the labour party for ever.

    Besides, Cameron's a fucking cunt that doesn't respond to situations in the political spectrum that would have seen the likes of Thatcher, Hezza (and the gang) bury Labour up to their necks in shit.
  7. But if Labour win, don't you think Gordon's head will just expand even more? As he will then have a mandate from the people. Personally I want to see the look on his face when he realised that the people despised him so much, they got rid of him at the first possible opportunity; being beaten by Cameron would be a hard thing to swallow.
  8. The PM knows that everyone despises him. He isn't bothered.

    I want to see his face as he realises that he has won and that he can't deliver (again) hopefully it will cause an anurism or at the very least a massive stroke that permanantly fixes his mouth in the position of that thing he does whenever he get's to a comma. A permanent expression which highlights what a fu.cking retard he actually is would be sweet justice.

    I still stand by the conviction that Cameron is a joke and not fit to govern.
  9. Sadly I think you are right about Cameron.
  10. This article presents a similar view to that which was aired ref Obama before he won the US election 14 months ago. Now is a bad time to be in government in many countries, not least the UK.

    IMO we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand I believe that Labour has lost any momentum or vigour, and instead seems to be spending most of its energy tearing itself apart with inter-factional feuding. If they form the next government I just don't see how they are going to have the drive to actually take the steps needed to help the UK recover, especially if Cyclops retains his position at number 10.

    On the other hand I just don't see the Conservatives as being fit for power. Cameron still strikes me as being more style than substance, and his unwillingness to clearly define their policies doesn't help. Also the most pressing issue for the next parliament is the economy, and I don't see the Tory's plan for slashing the deficit in the medium term as feasible.
  11. An excellent article from the young Lawson and one a lot of Cons can take heart in should they lose.
    I predict that Lab will rule for another five, probably by hung parliament, but the Cons can sit and watch, not one, but two parties self destruct.
  12. I did mention this months ago_Of course I was ignored,but am I bitter?
  13. I think it unlikely that the Conservatives will release any details of policy until the last safe moment before the election is called. There is too much risk that Labour will cherrypick the best bits and present them as their own, as happened with the inheritance tax thing.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'd get a certain nasty joy if Labour got a narrow win but that oaf Brown lost his seat. Unfortunately the country would be fcuked but it is anyway.

    Whilst on purely party grounds it might be better for the Tories to lose on grounds of the national interest they must win. Incidentally I'd like Brown to keep his seat in that case so he has the humiliation of continuing to serve as a backbencher in a failed party.
  15. The problem I see with a hung parliament is that if the Lib Dems get into bed with Labour their price will be proportinal representation in some form or other. This is highly likely to mean that a Labour/Lib Dem coalition will rule forever.

    Conversely if the Conservatives get in the shake up of the constituencies to get rid of the inherent bias towards Labour might (with luck) keep that party out of power for the foreseeable future.

    Either way the result of the next election* will change the nature of democracy in the UK for a very long time.

    *If Lord Mandleson doesn't invoke the Civil Contingencies Act & cancel the next one, of course!