Tories question Liam Fox "drinking habits" (Daily Mail)

So it looks like Georgie-Boy's dirty tricks brigade is already seeking revenge...


Astonishing: Liam Fox has been questioned on his drinking habits in an extraordinary attack

Defence Secretary Liam Fox last night faced astonishing claims by senior Tory sources concerning his drinking habits – and a suggestion that he could be sacked for alleged disloyalty to David Cameron.

Some people are saying you cannot go on having a Defence Secretary who is not in full control of his department, or at times, it seems, himself. If you drew up a list of Ministers likely to be moved at the first major Cabinet reshuffle, Liam has put himself firmly in pole position.’

The most shocking aspect of the claims against Dr Fox concerns his drinking. He enjoys the occasional social drink and one source said: ‘When Liam has a drink he tends to get very carried away and becomes very chatty, a bit more chatty than is sensible for a Defence Sec¤retary. It is a job which requires great discretion at all times.’

The claims were dismissed by friends of Dr Fox last night as a ‘baseless smear’.

One said: ‘Whoever is putting this kind of thing around should be ashamed and doesn’t know what they are talking about. Liam’s integrity is beyond doubt. He commands wide respect in the Ministry and in the Tory Party.’

The row comes as tension builds between Dr Fox and Mr Cameron over plans to slash the £37 billion defence budget, and a series of snubs by the Prime Minister.

First, Mr Cameron took over the public announcement about defence cuts to be unveiled on Tuesday. Then he asked Foreign Secretary William Hague to make a Commons announcement tomorrow about Britain’s strat¤egic defence and foreign policy aims – leaving Dr Fox on the sidelines again.

To add insult to injury, Mr Cameron recruited his own ¤military adviser, Colonel Jim Morris, a battle-hardened Royal Marine honoured for leading 45 Commando during a bloody six-month tour of duty of Afghan¤istan in 2008.

One of Dr Fox’s junior Def¤ence Ministers said: ‘Liam has taken Morris’s appointment very badly.’

Well-placed observers have also questioned Dr Fox’s standing with defence chiefs.

‘They like Liam but they do not take him very seriously,’ said one.

‘He would much rather have been Foreign Secretary than Defence Secretary because he knew it could be a poisoned chalice. He is more interested in hanging out with friends in the US talking about bombing Iran than the nuts and bolts of the MoD, such as whether Army homes are properly maintained.’

Another senior MP said: ‘Liam’s reputation for going out partying and clubbing does not win him friends in the MoD. His decision to take on Cameron and Osborne in a media war is high-risk. If you go public against No 10 and 11 they will screw you in the end. Liam and Cameron have never really got on and Osborne derides him intellectually.’

Dr Fox stood against Mr Cameron in the 2005 Tory leadership contest but came third.

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He's always an odd choice for the job, given his history of foot and mouth gaffes over the years, and this looks like the beginnings of a classic back stabbing. I wonder who's Office is responsible for these 'unnamed sources'? The Boy Osbourne? "He's a raving piss head" sounds like George Kennedy all over again. Sounds a bit unfair though, after all Peter Mandelson was known to be the master of indescretion when it came to letting slip parlimenatary secrets to anyone who whispered sweet nothings in his ear..

Fox was also tainted by the Expenses scandal (had to pay back £22,000), but then again - who wasn't?
Lordy Lordy!
As was said about Blair and his ilk (almost)
"He hasn't gone away you know."
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Love it how there's low level civil war in the Tory Party. Check the Daily Telegraph blogs where the right hang out. The degree of vitriol against Cameron is eye-popping. The Thatcherite right hate the bugger and are just waiting to stick the knive in. This looks like a pre-emptive strike from Cameron's lot, angry at Fox for having shaved 10% off the MOD cut.

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