Tories plotting cruel cutbacks, says Harperson

Never mind the axe falling on Devonport and the Plymouth economy being ravaged. No, Harperson has decided that local voters will worry MUCH more about the cuts the evil Tories would make if elected.

Yes, really worrying stuff. The Conservatives are planning to "cut the services we rely on the most". Gasp.

Here is the "at risk" list. You need to see it all to fully understand the seriousness of the situation:

:: Friends of Maningham Woods
:: Polgrean Place Residents Association
:: Landulph Memorial Hall
:: Tywardreath Methodist Church
:: Hayle & District Bowling Club
:: Kingfishers Nursery
:: Cornwall Search & Rescue Team
:: Lostwithiel Duke of Edinburghs Award
:: Saltash Gateway Community Interest Company
:: Beacon Cricket Club
:: Blisland Hall
:: Hayle Netball Club
:: St Austell Synchronised Swimming Club
:: The Montol Festival Group
:: Renewable Energy Office for Cornwall Limited
:: Mousehole Male Voice Choir
:: Transition Penwith
:: Calstock Parish Archive Trust
:: Falmouth Canoe Club
:: Trelawney Rowing Club
:: Torpoimt & District Twinning Association
:: Bude Surf Boat Club
:: Launceston Chamber of Commerce
:: Nanstallon & District Plyagroup
:: Altarnun Local History Society
:: Lanreath Ladybirds
:: South Petherwin Village Hall
:: Altarnun Village Hall
:: Marazion Residents Association
:: Helston Youth Centre
:: Age Concern St Just & Pendeen
:: St Eval Parish Hall
:: Basset Community Development Trust
:: Trebullett Methodist Church
:: Tamar Youth Cricket League
:: Falmouth Green Centre
:: Menheniot Old School Trust
:: St Erme & Trispen Recreation Fiel Committee
:: Camelford Association of Residents
:: Torpoint Allotment Association
:: Penwith Community Radio Station
:: Sea Sanctuary
:: Dunheved Bowling Club
:: St Austell Deaf Club
:: Bude Surf Boat Club
:: University of the third age Roseland & District
:: Landulph Parish Newsletter
:: The Granite Post
:: Cornwall Archaeological Society
:: Probus Ladies Goup
:: Bodmin Netball Club
:: Cornwall Athletic Club
:: Truro Homeless Action Group
:: St Ives Trust Archive Study Centre
:: Cornwall Netball
:: Isles of Scill Gig Association
:: The Children's Clinic for Cornwall
:: Charlestown Rowing Club
:: Camelford Town Band
:: Torpoint Community Events Ltd
:: Coverack Gig Club
:: Launceston Town Band


:: Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club
:: Sidmouth Stroke Club
:: Broadwoodkelly Village Hall
:: Chulmleigh Cricket Club
:: Bratton Clovelly School Room
:: Bratton Fleming Playgroup
:: Prince Street Broadband
:: Tiverton Singers
:: Newton Abbot Autumn Club
:: Bideford Ladies Club
:: Alphington Over 60's Club
:: Book Relief UK
:: Bishop's Nympton Parish Hall
:: St. John Ambulance Ilfracombe
:: Cruwys Morchard Parish Hall
:: St David's Neighbourhood Partnership
:: The Honiton 729 Gateway Club
:: St John Ambulance Cadets (Tiverton)
:: Bovey Climate Action
:: Sidmouth Patchers & Quilters
:: Loddiswell Playing Fields & Village Hall Trust
:: West Buckland Women's Group
:: Honiton Twirl Stars
:: Parkham Spinners Majorettes
:: Bovey Tracey & District Disabled Fellowship
:: Rockbeare Village Hall
:: Tiverton Town Majorettes
:: Ivybridge Visually Impaired Club
:: Teignmouth District Guides
:: 1st Lym Valley Scout Group
:: Green Lane Herb Link
:: Cullompton Rangers FC
:: Chittlehampton & District Playgroup
:: Mamhead Village Hall
:: Teignmouth Ladies Hockey Club
:: Halwill After Schools Sports Club
:: Kings Nympton Parish Hall Committee
:: Ivybridge Cricket Club
:: Ugborough Village Hall
:: Kilmington Pre-School
:: Ilfracombe Youth Canoe Club
:: Sticklepath Village Hall
:: Sidmouth and District Dyslexia Association
:: Cheriton Fitzpaine Welcome Club
:: Witheridge Parish Hall
:: Bucks Cross Village Hall
:: Bigbury Memorial Hall
:: Offwell Recreation Ground & Village Hall Charity
:: Bishopsteignton Community Centre
:: X-Plore Youth Group
:: 1st Beer Scout Group
:: Creative Family Workshop
:: Axminster Cricket Club
:: Exmouth Ceramic Group
:: Countess Wear Community Association
:: Soundart Radio Limited
:: Combe Martin Senior Citizens
:: Okehampton & District Duke of Edinburgh
:: Committee for Uplyme Playground
:: Tale Valley Trust
:: Taw Explorer Scouts
:: Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum
:: Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group
:: 1st Ilfracombe Scout Group
:: Samaritans (North Devon & North Cornwall)
:: Roborough (Winkleigh) Village Hall Committee
:: Age Concern Ilfracombe & District
:: Merry Go Round Toy & Leisure Library
:: Jubilee Hall Chagford
:: 2nd Bideford Scout Group
:: Trans-Send Limited
:: Ladysmith Community Action Team
:: Crediton Special Needs Play Scheme


:: Stoke Damerel Parish Centre
:: Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth
:: St. John's Church Hall Management Committee
:: Plymouth Youth Playball


:: Young at Heart - Torbay
:: Paignton Home Garden and Allotment Society
:: Brixham Young Volunteers
:: Monday Luncheon Club
:: Paignton Home Garden and Allotment Society


Yes, real cutting edge stuff Harriet. Your place in Government is secure.


Its ok.
Mrs Jenkins the vicars wife has offered to do the Landulph Parish Newsletter. One of the parish council, Mr Green, has a computer and will arrange for the 30 copies to be printed.


I'm racking my brains trying to think of the "service" Beacon Cricket Club actually provide, other than entertainment when Troon Cricket Club trounce them.

Somebody's lost the plot, unsurprisingly.
Lets face it as the south west is and has been predominantly Liberal and that is unlikely to change One Eye and his bunch on mongs cant BUY the vote as they have elsewhere...

Sooner we get a general election the better


She’s so politically astute. Next well have Ashie backing her up

Ms Harman said it was permissible to name the groups because "they have had public funding in the past". But she was unable to guarantee they would continue to receive funding under Labour.
If those banjo playing fuckwits choose to vote Labour to save their local volleyball team then they deserve to be poor.

Why should I be saddled with tens of thousands of pounds worth of tax hikes so some mutant the other side of the country can keep their bingo night?

If they want to keep their sewing circles going then fine.Lets have Direct Democracy and then we can all pay for what we want in our own communities,with taxes raised on a local level.
If they cut Lanreath Ladybirds, I'm never voting Tory again. It's the only thing that's got me through the last year.
:: Mousehole Male Voice Choir
They are quite good. The Gaseous family holidayed in Mousehole last year. However, I doubt any funding came directly from Whitehall.
They do realise that cornwall is pretty much a secure Lib Dem area (generally) especially Penwith and St Ives with Andrew George (as a former resident of bot mousehole and Penzance) What a fcking tool. Also as a gig rower i don't remember any gov't funding i remember a lot of fund raising and donations to get our gigs over to the Scillies.

ALSO as i'm so bloody outraged isn't this the government that wants to privatise the ******* search and rescue in the first place. argghhh


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All this time they have been telling us that the Tories were to blame for everything
Now they are telling us that any one but Labour will cause us all problems if we vote for them

Call me a bluff old adventurer but I think I'll give it a go and vote for someone other than Labour
Well... that will probably mean those 2 Carriers will never get built now.......
I see that the Camelford and Launceston Brass bands are at risk if the Tories come to power.

This alone is good enough to convince me that the Tories are worth voting for.

I fucking hate brass bands.



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ffs.... the tories are having to make cuts because you lot have got us so far into bloody hock!!!

jesus wept. my blood pressures going through the roof just thinking about whether its either a. she's that fcuking thick or b. she thinks *we're* that fcuking thick.

the sooner these CNUTS are up in front of a firing squad the better.


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maguire said:
the sooner these CNUTS are up in front of a firing squad the better.
Under proposed Tory cuts there will be no rifles or rounds for the firing squad
Bayonet practise it is then :D
I wonder if some nice Lords of the Realm, excluding Lord Mandy, could draw up a 'Bill of Attainder' just like what old 'Enery the 8th used to do, and farouk all the Liebore Cabinet into the Tower of London for due process....

But I am just daydreaming again..... mutter, mutter.... I wonder if the Law of Treason is still applicable in the 21st Century... mutter, mutter..... I wonder if Blair, Cyclops et all could be bundled in there, then to the stocks set up in Trafalgar Square and loads of rotten eggs and bananas to be thrown at them...

Heheheheh.... I think I might need help... Oh well, I can always go down the Pub and have my usual 8 cans of 'Specshul Bru' fer lunch.... :? Oh, I do talk bowlox a lot of the time.... but..... 8O

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