Tories Now Know that Prison doesnt Work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Ken Clarke is now of the opinion that prison doesn't work and will cut the numbers of inmates. He will also be making efforts to reduce recidivism outside of prison.

    Whilst this conversion on the road to the Scrubs is most welcome, did all you conservative supporters really vote for this?
  2. he is right. Prison does not work. bring back hanging!
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I rather suspect that this is a "money" rather than an "ideology" thing.
  4. We should just build a big f*ck off wall around a city and dump all our dregs into it and let them get on with it like in 'Escape From New York' .

    Hang on a minute, we've done that already - Liverpool ! :D Sadly the one built by the Romans didn't last.

  5. Yeah, the dark age Scallies nicked the bricks!
  6. I voted for the, and welcome it. Prison has become too comfortable, it's a waste of money sending all but the most violent and uncontrollable offenders locked away.

    As we're not allowed to hang or whip them any more, perhaps having them bored half to death by Recidivism Counsellors and Community Engagement Outreach Workers will be enough to deter them.

    I'd sooner crims be caught for more offences and get a month inside for each one, then get away with 99 and then do 9 months for one.
  7. Ken Clarke hasn't said that he is of the opinion that prison doesn't work, but he did wonder why there are so many more people in prison than when he was last a minister. So, Whet, what would you do with murderers and rapists, hang them? Give them community service? Don't tell me, we should simply re educate them and they will never commit crime again. So what works on your planet?
  8. Try this avenue of approach, it'll yield more results:

    "Oh hello brick wall, answer me this question..."
  9. What is the rate of murderers murdering again once released?

    The vast majority of prisoners serve sort term sentences, most prisoners did not do well when in education. The former can be aleviated by sorting out the latter.
  10. sounds a very Tory thing as it all down to privatisation. Those who would have served a sentance are passed over to a new agency who will be paid on results of them not reoffending inturn effectively creating a group 4 day offenders society. If they can tie that in with getting them back to work it saves money for the prison,the Dept of welfare (or whatever it's called) and the probation service.

    On the other hand it could create gang masters and low paid workers forcing more eastern europeans home. Hows that for a midweek half baked conspiracy theory?
  11. Funny then, that Clarke has come round to the Lib Dem way of thinking.
  12. Have you any evidence for that? And don't just point to the low exam results for the prison population, all that means is they were too lazy to get either an education or an honest living.

    Have you quit the Liberal Democrat party yet?

  13. Yes
  14. Whet what he is going to say is

    "Fewer criminals will be jailed and more offenders will get community sentences because prison doesn’t work in many cases"

    Also "I am not at direct odds with my leader. You do need short sentences for the kind of nuisance criminal who keeps being a recidivist,"

    And “It is virtually impossible to do anything productive with offenders on short sentences,” he will say. “And many of them end up losing their jobs, their homes and their families during their short term inside.”

    Which makes sense. Why have a person that has been sentenced for a trivial offence having a place in prison when he can still be earning and paying his way, unlike some, and giving something back in taxes etc.
  15. Prison works very well. When the thieving, robbing, cheating bastards are locked up the rest of us are quite safe.