Tories: Link Directors Bonuses to Charity Work, not Profits

The Tories want to compel companies to link directors' bonuses with their charity work rather than profits.

Shops that move chocolate bars away from check-outs to stop children pestering their parents to buy them or television stations which do not screen graphic material until late at night are examples of firms which would not face penalties under the scheme.

David Cameron will today unveil plans to encourage corporate responsibility in areas ranging from obesity to climate change. Among the more radical proposals is a suggestion that companies could be judged against each other, with the Financial Services Authority issuing an annual social responsibility index.

Oh Yea. That'll work.

Why oh Why Oh Why?!

Just when you thought the Tories were the safe (compared to labour) choice, they come up with stupid ideas like this.

Shut the **** up unless you have something intelligent to say Dave!

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