Tories in Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. On the other hand one might consider the only way for the Tories in Scotland is up. Labourt are imploding, their latest attack on the SNP was pissing into the wind, they have got it all back in their face. The Limpdems are suffering from their association with labour and their present leaders lack of understanding of the puiblic, where as the Tories have engaged in 'real politic' with the SNP and shown their willingness to make government work.
  2. They'll bump someone from the House of Lords. Who? I'm not sure, but perhaps Rifkind will find himself back in the frame, despite sitting in an English seat, he still has considerable interest in Scotland

    Rifkind is a Member of the Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland, the Royal Company of Archers. He is the Honorary Colonel of the City of Edinburgh Universities Officer Training Corps and served for eight years as Honorary Colonel of a Territorial Army regiment, 162 Movement Control Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps. He is President of the Edinburgh University Development Trust and is a Trustee of the Dulverton Trust. He serves on the Board of several companies as a non-executive director.

    (taken straight from Wikki)
  3. I still can't work out why the Tories in England don't advocate English independence. The SNP and Plaid have established the principle of the legitimacy of constituent parts pressing for succession, the English could preempt all the bullshit and have their own vote: ditch every annoying part and leave a "United Kingdom" of Wales, Scotland and NI. I know the arguments about Trident docks and seats on the security council, but having listened to Salmond talking about "let's elect SNP MPs to squeeze the English until the pips squeak" (which was the gist of it, I'd be sorely tempted to say, "Quick English vote, end of conversation, no more "English imperialism", goodbye, and thanks for all the fish".
  4. Lets look at the Euro poll in June:

    Scottish National Party 321,007 29.1% (+9.4)
    Labour 229,853 20.8% (-5.6)
    Conservative 185,794 16.8% (-0.9)
    Liberal Democrats 127,038 11.5% (-1.6)
    Green Party 80,442 7.3% (+0.5)
    UK Independence Party 57,788 5.2% (-1.5)

    Labour = big fall
    Tories = slight fall - swing to Scot Nat (best option for the anti Labour vote)
    Lib Dems - a fall but not as large as the fall south of the border - Scottish Lib Dems quite pleased.
    Greens - slight rise - more anti-labour votes
    UKIP - a fall - no appeal - Scottish voters don't really want an independent Scotland - they would rather Scotland become a province of a country called Europe

    Put these numbers into an electoral calculator and we see Scot Nats and Conservatives gaining quite a few seats at the expense of Labour and the Lib Dems. If UKIP don't contest the next election the conservatives could well come second ahead of Labour. The current spread price of Scottish conservative seats is 4-6 which I think is bang on the money.