Tories Get Their Policies From . . . . . .

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Labour

    According to Nick Robinson, who might well be a member of the Conservative Party, lays out this claim in His blog.

    How disengenuous then, that the Tories claim that Labour pinch their ideas.

    Robinsons blog
  2. If the Tories took some policies from reading this site they may even get elected.
  3. Well lets face it, no-one's going to pinch them from the Yellow idiots are they?
  4. So that would be Tories - 1, Labour 1,000,000 on the who nicks whose policies leader board...
  5. Do You honestly believe that the prevalent views voiced on ARRSE are those held by the general public.


  6. Now does Robinson say that there was ony one idea pinched - or did He just use it as an example.

    The clue is when He says "Take today's example" :D
  7. They are more common than you might think. That they are not in the news is down to political correctness and that Mr & Mrs Average UK citizen believes politicians don't listen to them any more. Hence, the apathy at elections
  8. Isn't it impossible for an opposition party to steal policies from a Government that is in power, as any policy proposed will already be, or planned to be initiated by that Government?
  9. some people obviously don't read the links properly :D

    What a wonderful way to get policy, eh? Looks like You are all voting for Labour ideas at the next election
  10. Quite, Sven. Have you had a look at the links I provided, or is all opinion going to be based on one Blogg??

    Funny how you accuse one person on here that just because he states something, it doesn't represent the views of the nation, yet you read 1 blogg and suddenly its to be seen as gospel :roll:

    Also, whilst looking for evidence, I did try to look for articles that showed any party stealing ideas from the limp dems................even google came back with :?
  11. Whereas many Blairite ideas have originally come from er... Thatcherites...

    I don't think that adopting Blairite ideas can be called 'stealing Labour's policies'. Blairite = Labour? Can't see many Labour MPs describing themselves as a "Blarite".
  12. Well, I certainly will not be voting Libdems. Not after that disastrous perf re the Lisbon Treaty.
  13. But from where did New Labour get most of their ideas?