Tories flag up three defence projects for cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Strait_Jacket, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Presumably if one is saved they can then point to that as the Conservatives enduring commitment to defence?
  2. "athough he stressed he was not in a position to know whether the contracts contained “break clauses”. "

    F**k me...! I'm not impressed by this f**kwit! How many times have people on here ALONE mentioned that Eurofighter is loaded with penalty clauses....
  3. You'd have to think A-400 would be the easiest to get out of, though what would replace it?
  4. More C-130Js and more C-17s?
  5. I can't really comment on which is the technically better option, though they'd moan there was nothing in it for British industry if we bought C-130 & C-17 instead. I was thinking more that it'd be cut and replaced with nothing! But yeah, if they do cut these programmes, it'll show neither major party is serious about defence, in which case we might as well go the whole hog and cut back to just defending the homeland, IE a few inf bns, a few patrol ships and a couple of fighter squadrons, since theres no credible threat of attack on the homeland.
  6. So.

    Cutting to the chase then.

    Osborne has said:
    Get rid of big ticket defence spending (which the public doesn't understand) irrespective of whether it is useful / required etc.

    Get rid of the VAT cut - which has certainly had an impact - but a larger impact for poorer families.

    Don't allow additional spending - so cuts all round in front line services

    Use interest rates to help the economy - is he talking about bringing those decisions back in house? What, after they did SUCH a good job with them last time?

    Rely on the "markets" (read - rich bankers and financiers who screwed us this time, last time, and pretty much every time before that) to pull us out of the mire.

    Good. Good to see that the tories have learned their lessons.

    Christ on a fcuking bike
  7. Indeed. I was under the impression that most of tranche three was simply being flogged on to the House of Saud anyway?

    The Navy pawned half it's surface fleet on the understanding that it would get the carriers in return, cutting them is a clear betrayal of trust.

    Apparently Liam Fox is not impressed either:

  8. Father of a close friend just retired from senior position in the defence industry tells me the carrier project is so loaded with penalty clauses that it's almost armour-plated. It would be almost as expensive to back out as it would be to build the things.

    I speculate that two will be built but one will be sold. Pure speculation though.
  9. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    The reality of fixed price contracts and penalty clauses is they are simply point to negotiate on.

    There is only 1 shipbuilder in the UK now, BAe

    So if the Tories wanted to cancel CVF (which I think is a good idea) they simply trade the CVF for the FSC which is ultimately a larger and much more lengthy contract.

    Either that or they play hardball, scrap DIS and say we will buy from the best manufacturer regardless of its country of origin. That would put the sh1tters right up BAe etc and bring them back to the negotiating table where they would have their penalty clauses rammed right up their arrses

    Remember, the customer is always right
  10. I quite like Fox - I can see him resigning if the next defence review doesn't go his way.
  11. In aircraft carrier's, if you have one you have none, as the MN are learning. 1 AC is IMHO, dangerous, as it gives the illusion of capabilty without actually giving it.

    If one is all the RN's going to get, I'd say **** it and buy a few more SSN's.
  12. we may be broke but we need to look at capability first then cost.
    BAE 146 you are having a laugh :roll:
    you could make it a viable military frieghter but then I could pass long drag if given a week to do it in :twisted: