Tories, Crashed and Burning

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Robbeaus, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. “The Policy Group Report we launch today is the most impressive and comprehensive analysis of the state of the British economy produced by any political party in recent times...

    Impressive economic nonce, at work here from our erstwhile chancellor?
    The Conservative Party | News | News | Freeing Britain to Compete

    To read this impressive economic tomb, and marvel in the spectacular venile car-smash, that is Bum-Noses, linky,
    take on this whole matter. And explains perfectly why he and Daves mates rates are crap'n themselves at the thought of a financial Leveson, into the Governments [past and present] inability to work out that ******* bonuses are and were little more than grand larceny from shareholders.
    Oh the next few weeks and months ahead are going to be a joy to behold as the grand dame of suck it up to the City, Duo realise that there will be wriggle room for their future City job hopes.
  2. Cant be arrsed to read it. Synopsis please?
  3. Hmm.... do I detect the new Labour sock puppet?
  4. Something akin to this I imagine :)

    hosting images
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  5. Ah yes but thats old news
  6. But the extent of Cams and Bum-Noses culpability in the whole mess isn't
  7. I just had a nice salad.
  8. Is this Mrs Malaprop does economics? I think the gist is that the Labour party are a bunch of opportunist, self-serving tosspots. Have I got that right?
  9. You poor bastard, I've got a spare pie in the fridge..........Ginster's.........minced rat and onion I think!
  10. Well you are spot on with "opportunist self-serving tosspots".
  11. Oooh, don't tempt me. Haven't had a decent pie in months!
  13. Oh my .... Looks like we've found another bumptious, pompous, mealy-mouthed Labourite prig. Isn't lucky that Comrades Spiv Bliar, I saved the world Broon, Know It All Balls (Not me Guv), et al managed to be out of the firing line?

    If any ass biting goes on then they'll all go down!!!! Nu-Liarbour was as far up the City's jacksy as anyone else!!
  14. I've got a nice brace of fresh rat! From Ankh ... none of the Morpork side of the river rubbish.
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  15. onna stick? with ketchup?
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