Tories close the gap with Liabour to 3 points

From the Torygraph. Bliar out in 05!

Tories cut Labour's poll lead
By George Jones, Political Editor
(Filed: 22/02/2005)

Labour's lead over the Conservatives has been cut to only three points in the past month as the Tory pre-election campaign gains momentum, according to an ICM poll today.

The survey, for The Guardian, puts Labour on 37 per cent, the Tories on 34 and the Liberal Democrats on 21. Last month the same poll gave Labour a seven point lead.

The poll also shows that Gordon Brown has replaced Tony Blair as Labour's biggest electoral asset, with the Chancellor enjoying the same kind of cross-party respect that the prime minister enjoyed before his 1997 and 2001 general election victories.

The survey shows that Mr Blair's political appeal is confined to Labour's core voters, who still see him as caring. Among the wider electorate he is regarded as arrogant, out of touch and untrustworthy.

The Tory revival appears to reflect recent successful policy initiatives on immigration, pensions and crime and tax cut promises.
So there is some hope after all :roll:

However, what difference will the Tories bring?

Will they stand up to Europe.....or fold like New BLabour?

I'm off to Ulan Bator.....where I can sit in total ignorance and get drunk :twisted:
Italy has now had 70 odd governments since WWII, these Governments have ranged from extreme left (further left than anything we have had in the UK) to extreme right (again further right than anything we have had in the UK) but always within a broadly democratic range. Over those 60 yeas on average its economy has grown at the rate of about 3% per annum. Balanced out over governments of the left or right there is no statistical difference in growth rates.

Britain has had 12 governments since 1945. Perhaps the most left wing in terms of social reform was Atlee’s (1945 – 50) and the most right wing Thatcher’s (1979-90). Since 1945 the UK's economy has grown on average by 3% per annum. Balanced out across the time Labour and the Conservatives have been in power, there is no statistical difference in growth rates between the two parties.

Lesson: When you have basically a free market economy in a liberal democracy it doesn’t really matter who’s in power when it comes to our overall wealth - exactly how we divide that wealth I accept maye be different from time-to-time. That’s why total irrelevancies in the life of everyday folk, such foxhunting and asylum seekers become so important, we are basically a fat rich and happy country! Tkae a trip around the former Soviet states, Africa or South America if you want to see what happens when politicians REALLY begin to believe their particular philosophy can make a difference


War Hero
I'd hardly call the announcement of the Tory's immigration policy a success, but it's nice to the opposition parties keeping Labour on their toes.
if we were using some sort of stupid proportional representation system i and others may be worried
however with first past the post, actual votes can be very close and parliamentry majorities can be big. Labour could even lose on total votes and win overall, wierd yes, but very true, happened in 1970's i believe.
The tories need to get back in the cities and they are not there, there votes will be in the country and we will see returing tory mps with bigger majorities but i can see a real difference in the total share of seats
tories have to watch lib dems as well could easily lose seats there and slit vote as happened to labour in 1992 which caused them to lose
I think it is very unlikely that the Tories will get back in while Howard is the leader. He brings too much baggage - Poll Tax! They need a new charismatic, eccentric and amusing leader who will charm the public with his wit - step forward Boris Johnson!?!? :wink: (winning seats in Merseyside may be a problem though)

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