Tories Call For Crisis Force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maninblack, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The Tories have suggested, amongst other things, the need for a Crisis Force to deal with things such as flooding, terror attacks etc.

    My thought are;

    The TA are short and have trouble dealing with the current level of deployments.

    The Army are busy all over the place and have little spare capacity.

    Would it be practical to have a sub-TA for much like the old home defence battalions who would be less militray focused in their training and more engineering/logistics focused?

    The staffing for this could be raised with limited commitments from ex services people who cannot do "Normal TA" because of age, family commitments or minor injury.
  2. From fecking where?

    All our spares were used up when we civilianised everything.

    Perhaps we should send Civil Servants? :roll:

  3. What an original idea! I know, we could call it Civil Defence, oh wait...
  4. My bold: And who would immediately be called up to plug gaps in other current deployments to release troops for Iraq/AFG? It wouldn't work unless you could guarantee that they wouldn't be used for anything other than domestic crisis management, in which case why do they need to be military?

    Conversely, if they are military, the rules for deployment can be changed the moment the Treasury starts making more cuts, and hey presto! over the seas they go!
  5. It's just the Tories trying to exploit the current situation to thier own advantage. I'm no fan of Labour, but this is just bollox. Increase the size of the Army? Pray tell, I'm sure that Gen Dannant is all ears for that one. Lots of 'suggestions' in order to sway the vote of those poor folks who have lost everything to the floods.

    Sneaky Tory b&stards, led by a political lightweight. Get shot of Cmeron lads, and you just might get my vote in the future. He's too much like Tony Bliar and you know it, so get shot of him and get an older, less 'let's do it for the kidz' leader and people might listen. I was no great fan of Thatcher when she was in power, but by Christ the Tories have looked 3rd rate ever since they knifed her.

    This is bugger all but British politics at its best (or worst dependant on your viewpoint).
  6. Not a bad idea. Let's take it a little further. CIMIC teams - instead of building sh*t houses and printing presses for those populations overseas (that don't particulalrly like us or want us) re-designate the CIMIC as Home Commitment Emergency teams.

    Plenty of Sappers in that lot. Give 'em their own 1-star, own HQ and Bingo ! another military growth industry.

    Just a thought. In-coming from Sappers expected.
  7. 10 years back in Malaga every time the mountains caught fire the local civpop just sort of rocked up to wherever firemen were standing about admiring the view and volunteered to join up for the duration. You didin't get to do any of the fun stuff like fighting the fire of course (or at least I didn't), but they always found a use for you as a packmule or on a handpump.

    Of course in these enlightened times the firemen cannot accept your offer of help in case you injure yourself and sue them. Maybe there's no need for an organised 'crisis force' for floods at least - maybe we just need to rediscover the true meaning of the word 'volunteer' and you'll have thousands of enthusiastic would-be sandbag fillers and movers.
  8. Is this the same bunch of crooks who cut the Services by 40% in the 1990s when they were warned that they were cutting too deeply and too quickly?

    I believe that a properly funded and manned Armed Forces would allow us to undertake crisis management and intervention in the UK and have sufficent slack to help with disasters elsewhere in the world. And, in the long run, that would be of far greater benefit to GB than invading anyone who upset HMG over breakfast.

    How much of an impact would we have made on the Pakistanis, and the ROW, had we been able to put a large number of troops on the ground immediately after the 2005 earthquake?

    2005 earthquake

    It's an interesting question! Should the Armed Forces be on call for civilian crises? Or are we there solely to wave the big stick of Government diplomacy? (aka sorting out the Government's mistakes).

  9. Bert,

    Are you really forwarding the idea that you should help your fellow neighbour?

    Very retro and 1960's esq not sure it would work with todays culture.

    People would rather adopt the thousand yard stare than stop and help those in need! Present company excluded.
  10. Yeah, sorry. It was a very stupid idea.
  11. What has happened to the Civil Contingencies Reaction Force (CCRF)? It was launched with a big bang and more than a little investment five or six years ago. Has it’s ability deploy been critically undermines by the scale of Reserve Mobilisation for Ops?
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    That's an easy one. Iraq and Afghanistan and one extra cut back on manpower
  13. According to the BBC website: Linky

    Which I think we all agree with?


    All points which have already been aired on here, so I think pretty good!!
  14. A crisis force, sound's well sexy. What are they going to call it?


    I think Dave has been watching too many DVD's on his flight to Rwanda.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ultimate Farce!

    Cue fattening bald blokes with short mothers wot say "Get aaarrttaaa maaahh paaaabbb!"