Tories Back Bush on Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Fox' foot in it

    Would posters still vote for the Conservatives if an Iran invasion really is in the offing
  2. They are not advocating invasion!

    They are instead taking the adult line of not ruling out any course of action, instead of the childish idea that you can actively rule out military action, and then expect nasty people to play ball. :roll:
  3. It makes sense to me, but they will only get my vote if they firstly say that we will equip and fund our forces to such a degree that they are a: happy, b: effective and c: that they will have the equipment and manning to engage in any actions we deem fit.

    No point in saying we don't rule anything out if the funding crisis in the forces does actually rule most things out.
  4. Who are ya! Who are ya!

    Fox-baby wouldnt be saying that if he were sitting in Basra.

    In any case nothings going to happen, a nuclear Iran is inevitable and the West may as well get used to it.
  5. Sven - your one man mission to try and convince every other reader on Arrse that "our Tony is really an alright bloke and has done wonders for this country - dont vote Tory" is admirable but, I believe, doomed to failure
  6. I am pleased.

    IN that case can I ask You to vote Lib Dem just to spite me
  7. I would rather vote BNP than Lib Dem
  8. Doesn't matter much anyway. Monkey-boy is going to be replaced before the next British General Election. Broon/Reid/whoever isn't going to call a snap election when they take over from TCB unless they're 100% certain they'll win it,. Furthermore, I'd like to see strong support for a war come from Cameron, who'll say anything to get elected. So really, it matters not one jot what Liam Fox thinks.

    How's life in Millbank, Sven?
  9. I'm not even in Cowley Street.

    I am, however, now on the executive of my branch (promotion!!) and so will be involved in local policy decisions.

    Nothing to do with Labour who are non entities in my town though
  10. As an aside, as a political scientist, I really don't know which way to turn any more and I'm really starting to run out of intelligent answers to explain the behaviour of both Labour and the Conservative Parties. After almost a decade of research and study I'm really struggling to find a better, more parsimonious answer than "because they're stupid cnuts". And don't even get me started on the likes of the Cheeky Girl shagging Lembit Opik, rent-boy sucking Mark Oaten, turps nudger Charles Kennedy and their one-foot in the grave leader (that Simon Hughes character looks like a nonce too).

    Between them, Plaid Cymru, the SNP, UKIP, Veritas, the BNP, Respect and that 3 ring fcuking circus over on the Emerald Toilet there's not a single man or woman that would be worth the effort to swing the steering wheel and run them over.

    Y'know what, I think I enjoyed observing it because I had a morbid curiosty to hang around to see what they did next. Now I think I'm going to retrain as a plumber- the money's certainly better.