Tories announce no cuts to Defence spending in 2010/11

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lewiscollins, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. During the press conference this morning George Osborne confirmed that the defence budget would be protected in the 2010/11 year under a tory government.

    Not a huge move, but first time any of the main parties has offered any protection to defence.
  2. Although if you watched the press conference and read the supporting reports, he is going to pay for that by removing chocolate digestives from the staff canteens in whitehall and refusing to pay back the loans from the mythical Bank of Narnia.

    So I would probably hold off taking it as a cast iron promise. Well, at least until somebody has given him his medication.

    Really - can the tories honestly think they are going to win a general election whilst he is in the position for Chancellor?
  3. As the man says:

    "Not a huge move, but first time any of the main parties has offered any protection to defence."

    Better than claiming that Defence Spending has increased "year on year and in real terms" only to find your own departments figures prove otherwise. What sort of idiot makes those statements in front of a public enquiry that he himself convened, only to have to retract them very publicly less than 3 weeks later?
  4. They can bin foreign aid and put an end to the quango's.
    For all I care they can give the 1,300,000 NHS employee's a 10% wage cut too. Hell, you could even sack hundred thousand or two for all I care.
    I don't really care what (other than defence) gets spending cuts, the whol mechanism of state and the public sector is vastly over inflated and excessively expensive. Whats more I'm tired of being porked by the Revenue to pay for it.

    Defence spending protected until 2011 is a start, not good enough by a long chalk but it is progress.
    There are an awfullot of things that should face the axe before defence spending.
  5. A start,but this is the only area of government spending that needs to be boosted.

    Hopefully post 6th May,funds can be diverted from the vast waste of space areas of government spending into defence.But somehow,I doubt it.
  6. The reality is that BOTH parties know that cutting defence is just like pissing in the ocean, it makes you feel good but achives **** all.

    Lets suppose they cut defence by a swinging and utterly impossible to achieve 25%… woopee do! A whole £9 Billion! Meanwhile, the Government has to borrow £170 Billion.

    The ONLY place worthwhile cuts can be made are in huge £100 Billion plus welfare and the NHS budgets which are awash in waste and fraud and both sides know that.
  7. The kind of idiot we are only stuck with for a few more months, one hopes.
  8. If only V were a real person.
  9. Yes. So lets cut NHS budgets (and go back to five year waiting lists for elective surgery) and cut pensions - both state pensions AND public sector pensions (which would include the armed forces). Once you have stopped being of use to a society, then you should not be expected to be supported by them. Lets also stop unemployment benefits after, say, nine months. And lets stop single mothers getting unemployment benefits beyond the child being, say 4 years old.

    Actually, lets leave the NHS alone and just do the others. The thing about the waste in the NHS and the fraud in the benefits system is that both parties, by one means or another, have been trying to get rid of this now for decades. It is a question of what is politically sensible. If they make the rules too tough threads will sprout up on here "veteran denied cancer care because ......" too easy and it is "Somali refugee gets cancer care because......". This belief that there are WHOLE swathes of the NHS sitting around stealing taxpayers money is quite simply preposterous. They aren't. There are pockets of uselessness and wasted money. The biggest waste of money is spent perpetuating the "internal free market" myth.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I think tonight's debate between our prospective Chancellors should be quite interesting. It will be good to see Osbourne either holding his own or prove that he is the lightweight people fear. Sad thing is that I rather think it will be the unelectable Lib Dem's who shine.

    The debate will be a more illuminating one than the dry overly managed affairs proposed for The (English) Leaders debates.

    So a lot to lose for each of the Parties considering the importance of the economy. I'm hoping for discord, dissent and a good set to :D

    Fun starts at 8pm on Ch4 :D
  11. I shall be sat ready with the walls soundproofed and a few cans of lager. It will be truly fascinating. However, it will achieve nothing. Those who are linked to a party will still say their man won. Those of us without a party will probably end up supporting Vince Cable. But even then, I am not sure he has all the answers (remember the £1m home I mean erm £2m home taxation policy?)
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Salted away in the budget were numerous 'initiatives' ALL of which will require more civil servants to administer them. Instead of freezing pay and demotivating those who have to run the country and the NHS and indeed the armed services (while MPs are contuning to coin it in at taxpayers' expense as if there were no tomorrow), in my opinion what is needed is a firm hiring freeze and and weeding out and redeploying of people who are purely employed communicating with each other.

    I feel sure (armchair Chancellor speaking) that we could start also by decimating the Education ministry and putting it squarely on the shoulders of the local voters how primary and secondary education is run in their area, via their councillors, dishing out a uniform capitation to include savings from reductions at the centre, and allowing failing schools to fail, which would concentrate teachers' minds somewhat - and they should be given whatever powers are needed to enforce discipline, including criminal sanctions on misbehaving adolescents.

  13. Yes, we should, the NHS budget has doubled with no doubling of performance or results… there is huge waste in the NHS because quite simply, Gordon threw Billions at them with no clear plan on what it should be actually spent on. The NHS is still recruiting staff like there is no tomorrow.
  14. One thing to take into account with NHS spending,When the budget is increased,the spending goes on bureaucrats,consultants and other areas of waste.However when there are cuts,the NHS bureaucrats ensure the cuts are taken enitrely from front line services.

    Abuolute billions have been spent by Labour on the NHS since 1997 and Britain has very little to show for it.

    60,000 extra positions were created in the NHS in 2009 according to a syndicated article in last Sunday's Bangkok Post.

    These was once an episode of 'Yes Minister" made when a hospital with hundreds of bureaucrats and no patients was threating a strike.It seems that under Labour this could almost become a reality.
  15. You are completely wrong about the NHS performance, as even the most cursory glance at performance figures shows. We might fund a lot of stuff that I personally don't feel we should (gender realignment, boob jobs and gastric bands immediately spring to mind) but the performance of trusts has improved in key areas.