Tories and green taxes: official party policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Sorry Dave, but you're sounding more like Labour every fricking day and if you're going to just mimick them, I might as well just fcuking vote for them. At least that way we can all see them dig themselves out of the mess that they've created.

    Green taxes are exactly that, a Green Tax to help towards the cleaning up of the environment that we live in, and not a cash cow to fill the coffers of the General Purpose fund that's used to pay for other policies.

    An then they wonder why we're all getting more and more sceptical about the whole fcuking Green thing...!
  2. Conservative Home polled 250 Conservative candidates a short while ago, and asked them to rate their priorities from 1-5. Here are the top ones:

    There are some really good eggs in the Conservative party basket, but Cameron is not the bloke to be leading them. Who wants to bet that number 4 on the list was dictated by the man himself?
  3. What he said - far more eloquently than I could manage!

  4. Old document from the good old bad old days when the economy was more dependent on banks than a Glaswegian heroin addict on his next fix, but we hadn't realised that it was all going to go stupendously tits up.

    Two observations (as a participant in some lobbying on this sort of subject):

    1) The Tories will move away from green taxes as a source of funding because now, 2010, is not the moment to rebalance the tax system so reward 'good / green' activities and reduce the burden of other taxes. It ain't going to happen, and they know this.

    2) This story is in the Telegraph, edited by Will Lewis. His brother, Simon Lewis, is the official spokesman of.... Gordon Brown. Labour think that the Tory marriage tax break is a weak point because it shows them to be the same old Thatcherites that were booted out in 1997. Hence the focus on this particular policy from Labour. Getting a story out into the media that links the pledge with unpopular increases in green taxes is manna from heaven for the Labour spin machine.

    Politics eh?
  5. You will be telling us next that NI Contributions are to pay for health and social welfare. :cry:

    Hypothecation is the buzzword. ALL of the Gobment income is put in the same p1sspot.

    To be squandered by Socialists to buy votes.

    Green is just a codeword "bringing in more money"!