Tories allegedly got 50,000 from Russian tycoon.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 21, 2008.

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    50,000 Pounds are rather a change for mr.Deripaska (now the richest Russian). It looks that he has a lot of friends in the UK

    It is possible that namely mr.Mandelson hinted mr.Deripaska to give poisoned donation to the Tories.

    Despite loud denial there is no smoke without fire.
  2. Good for the Tories.
  3. Yet, strangely enough, the political wing of the Bullingdon Club is adamant that it neither asked for, nor received any donations from Comrade Deripaska.

    I'd be careful about statements like 'no smoke without fire'. M'learned friends have been consulted about this. Nathaniel Rothschild, who broke the story, has felt the need to 'clarify' the letter he sent to the Times not once but twice.

    Now if I was old, bitter and cynical I might think this was an attempt to divert attention from the allegation that the Noble Lord Mandelson of Hampsted Heath, when he was EU Trade Commissioner, had a corrupt relationship with Mr Deripaska, whose Russian businesses do a substantial amount of trade in Europe.

    Welcome back Mandy. In post less than a fortnight and you're already up to your neck in ordure.

    Anybody fancy starting a sweep on how long it'll be before his next resignation? The winner gets a free portion of guacamole from Mandy's favourite chip shop in Hartlepool.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Trouble is this time we can't even get rid of him as he has had his free seat given to him in the Lords - W@nker
  5. If so - WHAT THE F*CK WERE THEY (We in my case) THINKING OF!!!!

    That said, as our old friend / combatant 'Sven' might have said:

    where is the evidence?
  6. Where is the news?

    Every politician should heve red lanterns outside his/her quarters...
  7. One could ask a question: what respected Conservative politicians did on private yacht of suspicious foreign businessman? As I understand nobody denies the fact that the meeting took place.

    Also my attention was attracted by the sum. It is lauphable, insignificant to say the least. Mr.Deripaska is extremely experienced in bribing of officials, in 'friends making' by 'oiling' and usually operates by at least 6-7-8 dgit numbers. So it is possible that top Tory functioners simply put money in their pockets and sincerely claimed that the party hasn't received even one penny.
  8. Allegedly! Allegedly! Allegedly!

    Don't sue us George. ARRSE is one of the few pleasures left now I'm in the autumn of my life. Err, well, erm you know what I mean (you went to public school didn't you).
  9. He probably wouldn't resign next time, he and the rest of Liarbour have already shown their disdain for the British people by bringing him back for a third time.
  10. Would that be the same Director of Public Prosecutions who worked in the same chambers as Cherie Blair, was a close friend of the Blairs and who had never prosecuted a case in his life before he was put in charge of prosecutions for the whole of England?

    Would it also be the same DPP who decided that the government had no case to answer in the cash for peerages scandal, the David Kelley scandal, the Iraqi WMD scandal, the Hinduja passports scandal, Mandelson's fraudulent loan scandal, the involuntary euthanasia at Maidstone hospital scandal, the Bernie Ecclestone scandal etc, etc, etc.
  11. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury you must retire, as indeed should I, carefully to consider your verdict of ' Not Guilty '

    Not a single conviction upon any of them.
  12. Ancient Mariner wrote:
    Funnily enough, that is the one.
  13. It will be a sad day for this country when a leading politician cannot spend his election expenses in any way he sees fit.
  14. Exactly, look how cruel people were to that poor Mr Prescott over his extra food expenses. The poor, poor man was suffering from Bulimia couldn't you see how emaciated he was?