Tories: Afghanistan will be a Conservative governments top

Interesting piece on Tory Home:

Back in 2005 a British Army officer, Brigadier Nigel Aylwin-Foster, wrote a scathing critique of the U.S. Army and its performance in Iraq. In his article he accused the U.S. Army of cultural ignorance, moralistic self-righteousness, and unproductive micromanagement-among many other things. When asked why it was allowed it to be published in a U.S. Army magazine Military Review, the editor, Colonel William Darley, replied: "Because I want to win the war in Iraq".
Will it? Presumably, then, fixing the economy, rolling back the surveillance state, reestablishing trust in Parliament etc. will all be second priorities?

Or possibly this was just another bollocks soundbite from a politician?
"Afghanistan will be a Conservative government's top"

Top priority to end, then they can get on with slashing the present massive military budget.
Who ever wins the next election the Military budget of the 30's will look luxurious compared with todays.
Gorden is already delaying all the really expensive kit issues, and cum next year most doubt it will no longer be his problem.

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