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Is it me or is this programme made just for arsse bandits. My wife finally cracked and turned over mainly because of the "star" snogging another bloke, I really am getting bored of the BBC trying to push forward the fact that its OK for men to bop each other up the rusty sherrifs badge!
The BBC are a bunch of Left wing - musli munching - sandal wearing - tree hugging - whale saving - arse bandits
The quicker we 'Bin' the licence the better
I heard recently that BBC are looking towards advertising revenue to pay for 'some aspects' of their production. Either they do or they don't, can't have it both ways, robbing tw*ts.
I quite enjoyed the first series but after this weeks p*ss-poor episode I won't be watching again - particularly after the gay boy snogging in two out of three episodes.

I'll keep watching Primeval though - the plot's a bit dodgy but it has got dinosaurs and some fit totty like Hannah Spearitt:




Dinosaurs and tasty women - ideal for a saturday night!


bigbird67 said:
And he may be gay...but he's HOT! I would!!!
No you wouldn't. Cap'n Jack may be so handsome that straight guys turn gay at the mere sight of him, but he's also 'married' to his boyfriend who would scratch your eyes out.

I have to agree with other posters though. The plot lines do seem to be increasingly based on Jack's extra-curricular knob jockery. Yawn.

Speaking of jockery, is there any truth in the rumour that the actor playing Jack is openly Scottish?

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