TORCHWOOD Children of Earth

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by animalfromthemuppets, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Whilst this mini-series was very good - tragic, entertaining and scary (yes, the children's faces did freak me out a bit, just like clowns with sharp teeth and scarecrows at night). And yes I know it's fiction, however, too many people put stock in the portrayal of the military in these shows.....

    I am unhappy at the way the Army was portrayed by the writers as a physical extension of home policy. It flies completely in the face of mission command - the decision to physically hold and kidnap children then project a violent stance toward parents flies inthe face of mutual trust at all levels. Even if the ECAB could be pursuaded, every commander with or without children would challenge the decision leading to mutinous rebellion.

    I would like to think you would all agree.........
  2. Ah you weren't paying attention .The American general said :

    " Any soldier who disobeys an order will have their own family sent instead "

    Wouldn't mind giving Eve Myles a good seeing to . Pity she's got a moustache
  3. And why the **** did the yank just take charge without a fight or a single shot being fired? :(
  4. Who would be sending them ? It was the army doing the rounding up.

    An accurate portrayal of our political masters though. :D
  5. ximmeh1987 - "And why the * did the yank just take charge without a fight or a single shot being fired?"

    Because the pathetic excuse for a public broadcasting service that uses our money to finance their feeble ambitions, want to sell it to the septics, and, as well all know, the septics can't identify with anything that doesn't have septic heroes and septic people in command. W@ankers and t0ssers are of course played by British [​IMG]

  6. Blatently wouldnt happen like that, no way could we muster that many road worthy wagons in such a short time. :D
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    your first mistake was watching this pish. ;)
  8. Not a bad show but I can see why the Beeb's getting rid of Russell T. Davies. He seems to have run out of ideas. Taking drugs through children's bodies? Wasn't there a spoof about something similar a few years ago? Loads of stars queued up to look shocked and condemn the use of some new drug that's taken through dogs while the voice over took the pi$$ out of them for being so stupid. Russell's on his way out and he doesn't care any more.

    Good to see he's remaining true to form with some things though. It took six minutes of the first episode on Monday for Russell to remind us all that Capn' Jack's still gay, and so is the Welsh bloke whose name I won't even try to spell. Just in case we forgot, he threw in gay snogging and references to **** sex from the world's least homophobic red-neck at regular intervals. Like Little Britain's 'Only Gay in the Village' this plot device is becoming more than a bit threadbare.

    Good to see all the senior army officers were black, as usual, while nearly all the junior ranks were white, as usual. Wouldn't want to be accused of racism by suggesting that there are any white or Asian officers in the army. Of course, the evil child catchers in the cabinet were not only white but toffs too, and ready to sacrifice salt-of-the-earth council house kids to save themselves.

    All things considered, if I wanted a lecture in left wing, gay, class war politics, I'd have hung around last week's pride marches. With the departure of all of the main characters bar one and the current 'series' reduced to a 'mini-series' I suspect this is the last we'll be seeing of Capn' Jack and his endless stream of boyfriends.
  9. Russell T Davies is a raging lnew labour loving poof,,FFS what do you expect, BUT it was nice to see my SOP get killed again( she's one of the extras) but it's a pain in the Arrse when they block the streets filming around here
  10. Perhaps you can explain how in episode one when Gwen got in the car at Gate one of the Millennium Stadium it was light by the time she got to the car park behind the railway station it was dark, a journey of about 7 minutes..........worst journey ever.

    Destruction of Torchwood, Ianto dead, Gwen up the duff and Jack judging on Strictly find Maira on ice, I really can't see it coming back for a 4th series which is a shame. Russel T's incessant I'm Gay don't you know stuff aside it wasn't al that bad.
  11. not if you stop for a quik one in every pub
  12. Ok so how did the drive all the way to London only to end up in a hanger at St Athens...............I'll stop now this is doing nothing for I'm not a geek honest stance!!!
  13. Allegorically, I am concerned about the way that aliens are always portrayed as evil, voracious wrong-doers; and when's the last time you saw a good-looking one? At least it provided an accurate depiction of our political leadership, leaky border controls and the 'special relationship'.

  14. I knew we were on to a bad one when the called the cabinet meeting and the guy who gives his voice to the Daleks tipped up
  15. I thought the story was good but the ending sucked. If some alien dude released a virus that killed the love of my life and was stuck in a big box in MI5 HQ. I would slip into a hazmat suite and toast the fecker with a flame thrower al a "The Thing".

    I would still slip the welsh bird one.