Torchwood 14/07/2011

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else enjoy it?
    The preview looks like it's going to be a entertaining series.
  2. gayer........
  3. i was disappointed to be honest, too much of the US like the current series of doctor who.
    i guess russel t davis is trying to crack the american market once more?

    hopefully it'll get betterer as the series progresses
  4. Ironically enough, I Sky+ it for my nephew (I do not & have never watched it myself) who is away on holiday, and he actually is a gay.
  5. I enjoyed it, but I do have a thing for Eve Myles.:nod:

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  6. you ******* liar, you're wishing you could get hot n steamy with captain jack yourself :)
  7. It was very very American, with its pithy one liners, and dramatic effects.

    Agree on Eve Myles though!
  8. That's an old photo isn't it?
  9. I can see why...

    Anyhoo, the missus will be watching it later, so I may be able to slip out to the pub un-noticed.:)
  10. Damn, you caught me out.
    If it wasn't for you pesky kids, I'd have gotten away with it.

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  11. Oh no, not Russell T Davis again! What he does in his private life is one thing, ramming it down our throats in a TV (and I don't mean transvestite although, come to think of it...).

    Hmmm, I think I may have the wrong simile too. Perhaps I should have said forcing it upon us? No, that's not much better....
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  12. Russell t Davies was brought in as English co writer on Buffy the Vampire Spinoff called Ripper, starring Anthony Head. The production faltered and the Beeb had all this money for a programme. RTD then managed to convince the been to release Dr Who in its present form.

    Had the Series Ripper taken off, it would have been based on the watchers in Oxfordshire with "Giles" headlining the show, Buffy was cancelled and the spin off never went ahead. There are a lot of striking similarities to the Buffy brand in the first series off Dr Who, characters and monsters format throughout the first series seem very buffy esque in in its appearance. Lots of rewrites of scripts, but the themes are very close and similar.

    The series was to be set in Oxford,

    The irony was Americas cancelling of the buffy series and losing its lead writer has come full circle. Torchwood is gritty and more cerebal asking tough questions and self sacrifice. Not like the comic crap with the current Dr Who, the pretty red head in her police costume was the best 5 seconds of the drama.

    Armadillo, buffy fan much to my wifes displeasure, refuses to wear the cheerleader costume...
  13. she wears it for me ;)
  14. I've just watched the first episode of Torchwood and I hope someone will enlighten me. Is it feasible to fire a shoulder launched RPG from inside a chopper?

    The nearest I've been to a shoulder fired RPG in my career (which ended in '69) was firing a Wombat - and that was lethal for yards behind it - or shooting a PIAT.
  15. It's television, and sci-fi at that. They can do what the **** they like in sci-fi. Like, er, nobody dying.