Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by eastcoaster, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Am looking to buy a torch, must be capable of extreme brightness but also dimmable (not unlike its future owner as it goes). Any suggestions?
  2. What's it for; out of interest?
  3. For seeing in the fecking dark!
  4. Ha, you crack me up.

    What it is for will help to determine freedoms and constraints in the provision of advice; for example: weight, battery type, waterproofing, temperature range, red light capable, carry handle, pocket size, colour, brand etc.
  5. fenix tk10's are bloody excellent. Pretty damn near indestructable. Runs on 2 CR123a batts with a run time of 1.5hrs constant use at 225 lumens or 10hrs constant run time at 60 lumens.

    I have one myself and it's a gleaming bit of kit :D

    Link here


    edited for mong fingers :oops:
  6. Various uses really, Live out in the sticks so will come in handy for everything from finding the bloody cat to putting the bins out. Am also a member of a search and rescue team and would want to use it there as well.
  7. streamlight sidewinder, 4 strength settings/ white,red green, blue ( or infrared ) led. Takes bog standard batteries. Make sure you go for the latest version though as its brighter. Smaller version is the sidewinder "compact" which I cant find for sale in the UK yet but will be eventually! its a solid no messing light that is a touch bigger than a pack of ciggies
  8. I've had the same Mini-Maglite since 1985.

    Can't dim it but multiple coloured filters work for me and the beam is focusable.

    A couple of years ago I swopped the "bulb" for a Nite-Ize (3) Light Emitting Diode (LED) drop in unit.

    The LEDs give a bright, cool, white light and are rated for 10,000 hours.

    The reduced battery loading means that 2 x AAA last a long time.

    Cheap, almost indestructable and very cheerful!

    Go well on the hill,

  9. i am a Surefire flashlights man myself. swear by them!

    intelligent armour do a good range and you can get a froces 10% discount with them too.
  10. Surefire do very good if expensive torches, but carry spare batteries as 60 minutes isn't much of a battery life.
  11. I've got a couple of Peli torches which are bright as frack and the take standard batteries unlike most of the Surefires I've seen.

    You can check out the range available here

    The torches are as tough as the cases they do.
  12. I have a pair of Blacks torches and they are great.

    At the moment they are doing their 9-LED one for a fiver if you buy ANYTHING else in the shop. It's metal, waterproof, and really bright, and very tough too. Had it ages and dropped it long distances and not had any issues.

    I also have the 1-watt Blacks one. Same design, but 9-LEDs swapped for one really bright one. The beam goes for miles. It chomps on the batteries a bit more than the 9-LED torch but is much brighter and great for when you really need a lot of light. They are both the same size, at about 4 inches long by an inch diameter.

    The 1-watt goes for about £25, the 9-LED for a fiver if you buy anything else. MOD Discount on both. If you're not serving they'd probably do a MR discount.

    I know you may be a bit dubious about buying Blacks own-brand, but I was after a cheap, bright torch about 4 months ago and bought the 1-watter, then got the 9-LED one on the checkout for a fiver (in case of losing the first). Not felt the need to get anything since.

    Have also used the 1-watter in my (dodgy) area at night as a self defence tool. If you don't fancy kicking somebody in (as most people here that might start on you carry knives and/or guns) it's quite a good thing to whip out your pocket and shine in their eyes... like right in their eyes. The on/off button is in the right place for doing that. It makes your eyes feel hot if you look at it from arms length in daylight. God knows what the gangsta kids go through when you shine it in their eyes from less than an inch in the middle of the night... but when you leave the scene it's quite evident that they can't see a fecking thing.
  13. Let's keep it old school....

  14. Surefire (6P) and Maglite both highly recommended but all real men need a headtorch. I have an Energizer 3 LED head torch which I think is great.