Torch as a weapon?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Not sure where to put this. MODs please move if it is in the incorrect place.

    Quick question for the Police who are on ARRSE.

    Would a 6 cell Maglight thorch, if used to defend the home , would it be a torch or a weapon?

  2. You don't have to be plod to be able to say "it would depend upon the circumstances"

    If you find a 12 year old skinny scrote screwing your shed and you beat him about the head and body with it, to the point you render him unconcious it's an offensive weapon.

    If it's a well built 20 year old carrying a screwdriver and you twat him it's probably going to be self defence.

    Note the probably.
  3. Torch.
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  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'I was in fear for my life and I panicked, officer.'
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  5. i am asking , dont care if its a scrote or a ninja, can I defend myself with a torch, if they happen to assault me with their weapon after the fact and they are on the floor dribbling I am not to worried. Is it a weapon ?
  6. my wifes a police officer.
    she has a large maglight in the car. in case she needs to change a wheel in the dark obviously.
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  7. It's a bone question, if you use it as a weapon, it's a weapon. What you need to be interested in, is can you justify the amount of force you used it with. Virtually any item can be described as a weapon, dependent upon what you do with it.
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  8. Depends if you are on Light Duties
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  9. To be an Offensive Weapon an article must be 'made', 'intended' or 'adapted'. So in a nutshell if you had sharpened screwdriver for example then that would have no other purpose than as a weapon and would be 'made' ie you get nicked. There's a problem in Central London with rival Triad gangs fighting one another .... The weapon of choice is a meat cleaver which they use to cause injury to each other if they encroach on a rival gangs territory. Most gang members have their employment listed as kitchen staff and believe they have a reasonable excuse to be in possession of such an item. However they tend to wrap tape around the handle and sometimes serate the blades and stated case law makes these 'adapted weapons' ie you get nicked.
    A torch is a torch and a perfectly reasonable item for anyone to be in possession off.... BUT if you ever beat the shit out of anyone with your torch don't ever afterwards say you were carrying it deliberately as a weapon as then it is 'intended' and you get nicked.... Wether you're subsequently charged and convicted is a different matter but you're definately gonna get your collar felt.
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  10. As long as you can say that you used the minimum amount of force necessary to defend yourself/spouse etc., and you can justify your actions it is quite acceptable. (Unfortunately, the only true place to find out for sure is in the court afterwards).
  11. Beat your visitor severely then take a kitchen knife (the one he grabbed and threatened you with) and place it in his hand, cable tie his thumbs together whilst he is unconcious and call the police who will come and take him away. This scenario requires minor acting skills, just enough to allow the police to believe your version of events. Maim him slightly so he remembers not to visit you again.
  12. It depends on whether you use it to enlighten them or put their lights out.

    I don't think it matters, you're allowed sharp, pointed, stabby type things in your own home. Some arrsers have said they have decorative edged weapons as 'wall hangers'. Mr Plod only gets aereated if you take them out with you. If you have a 6 cell Maglite in your house, who gives a toss? Similarly, if an intruder gets a smack with a blunt object, Mr Plod will probably be your new best mate. He may be obliged to nick you if the felled felon says you did illegal things, but it's not personal and they'll let you out as soon as they have evidence to the contrary.

    I am not a copper or a lawyer.
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  13. Oh FFS. Offensive weapons legislation only applies outside of your own property.

    At home you have knives, hammers, axes, perhaps firearms, how can you be charged for it? Go down the street with them without good cause and then offensive wpn laws apply.

    The law that applies on your own property is 'reasonable force'.
  14. Does it depend if the light is on or off?