Tora Bora complex; just caves or something more?

Does anyone know whats the score with Tora Bora - per thread tile, really; simply caves?




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its caves - a lorra lorra caves but they havent found them all so there could be a lot more
If we're being left wing then it is actualy home to a club made up of Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Hitler, Saddam and Osama.
I heard that within the mountains is a major underground complex run by a bald man who has a pet cat, I also believe his minions wear frikkin silver jumpsuits.

If it is/was something more dont you think that information would be sensitive?
It's a place where there are lots of little stones that used to be boulders.
It's also probably the most expensive piece of unreal estate there is, considering the cost of things that go bang.
There's a bloke who drinks in my local who was one of THEM. Says when they raided the caves looking for Obama bin Laden, (after waiting for US SF who were all at a Sound of Music singalong) all they found was a pure white cat with a diamond collar wandering around. At first they thought it was Des Browne's toupee blowing in the down wash from the invisible, stealth Chinooks but then they realised the truth.

All these years, we thought Blofeld out of the Bond movies lived inside a hollowed out volcano. How wrong could you be. He was in Tora Bora all the time.
I believe there's a very informative book out by Cyril clunge dealing with all the flowers around that area. Maybe that will be of some help?


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Simply some caves? Uneducated lout. It is a vibrant holiday destination with stunning views and significant cultural artefact's. Don't miss the Sunset Tour with a display of ethnic dancing and all-you-can-eat sheep-feast. *Link to our sponsors*
I do believe it contains a special breeding facility for Sharks with frikking laser beams on their heads, "Mini bin will you please stop humping the laser"
The Tora Bora cave complex is a portal to a tunnel network that links the Vatican, Glastonbury, Lourdes, Easter Island, The Kremlin, and the Cheam Little Chef. Does that answer your question?


Cheam Little Chef franchise went to KFC some time ago. Something to do with the bacon baps. Do keep up. Tora Bora is a lot like the Blue John Caverns in Derbyshire; over-rated, over-priced and full of bloody tourists.

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