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TOR International

Never heard of them although one of their case studies is in an area I am very familiar with (not to say that they didn't do the work or are not competent, just that they are not that well known - to me at least).

The key to all the companies, but especially the smaller ones, is to ascertain whether it is actually a job offer or a "we might have some work in [insert name of fucked-up country] and we'd like to use you." I.E. Contract has not been signed and there's no guarantee of any work.

But if it's an offer of work as an employee rather than contractor/consultant then it's a different matter.

Best of luck.
Thanks guys, at the moment it's a training role I've been approached about, the website (apart from the spelling mistakes) does look reasonable compared to a few I've seen in the past and doesn't blow it's own trumpet too much, the guy who has made the offer is someone I've known for about 20 years so I'm tempted to assume that it's good.
I figured that if the company had a reputation, either good or bad, someone in here would know about it, so I'll give it a few days to see if anything pops up and if not I'll go grab a coffee with him and see what's on offer.

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